Monday, 16 April 2012

Di Depux Gets!

Some super cute Cross Earrings I bought recently from the fabulous Di Depux
They are Gold with a mirrored effect! You can buy them for €7,00 here
Cross jewelry is quite on trend still at the moment and these are the best earrings I've found
They're a nice chunky size but the material is still really light so they don't feel heavy

Despina was also way too kind and sent me some free goodies!! THANK YOU!!! ♥

Cute pastel coloured cupcake brooch

Mini Oreo cookie pin badge, it's so cute! Nom nom

and here I am when I wore the earrings recently!
Lot's of gold and white, I somehow felt like an 80's Madonna?
I also forgot my mascara, so my eyelashes are weird and ghostly lol

(I'm also still in a jumble of pre and post hair cut pictures haha)

Di Depux are currently on a model hunt, if you want to apply
Then click the above link for more details on how to enter
Don't be scared to apply, Despina is so lovely, there is nothing to be afraid of

Don't forget to follow the store on the following sites...