Monday, 23 April 2012

Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Recently I bought the first book from the Dexter series
I am so in love with the TV series and I can not wait until the next season
So I thought this might buy my time over until then

Though my rooms lighting isn't the best, because of the red it's always warm in light tone
and it makes reading a little hard!
I did buy a lamp and forgot to buy a bulb hahaha, oh dear

Im not a big reader myself
When I was younger I was always really advanced in reading and on the "next level"
So I was reading Roald Dahl when my class mates were reading Kipper
and then they were reading Roald Dahl I was reading Slugs by Shaun Hutson haha
I remember being told off in Middle School for reading "adults books" lol
So I think I ended up getting a little bored of reading in some way

If you have watched Dexter you may know the Ice Truck Killer
In homage to the.... killer.... I painted my nails in "that" way
It's hard to explain without huge details and spoilers, but if you know you will recognise lol

I'd already had the pain on for a week before I remembered to take a picture
(Whilst touching Dexters face lol)

All the colours used were by Barry M
I cleaned out some old/dead polishes today and still had 30 left haha

Just a little post, I'm sorry if it was a little boring haha
Have you read the Dexter books? Do you watch the TV show?