Saturday, 21 April 2012

Bh Cosmetics ★ Lip Gloss

The products in this post were provided to me by Bh Cosmetics
Though required to review for their website all opinions stated are my own

Bh Lip Gloss
Regular price; $5.95
Price changes depending on current promotions
(Bh Cosmetics almost always have a sale price available, the percentage changes)

"A collection of highly pigmented lip glosses in various colors that build creamy and shiny lips.
The non-sticky, light weight formula with an easy-to-use brush is the ideal form of gloss
that effortlessly creates head-turning lips."

This review will cover all 3 lip gloss that I was sent ♥

Peace, love and mod
A peachy nude with sparkle

I really like the packagine of these lip gloss'
The tube is chunky, square and slighty tapered too
The tapered style is something I have noticed now in tube products

The brush was great, it's soft and a nice length for good application

Hand swatch with flash

I quite likes this lip gloss, the nude has a really nice peach colour
Which was nice and complimentary to my skin tone, I definitly prefer a warmer
shade when it comes to nude colours apposed to one that is very light and washed out
So this ticked many boxes for me

The glitter isn't overbearing either and I feel that works well with the shade

80's Diva
A vibrant glossy pink with sparkle

The chunky tubes are not decieving in how much product they hold
Each tube is 0.23oz / 6.5g

For comparison MAC Lipglass contains aroun 4.8g
So this is 1.7g more and for a much cheaper price tag ♥

Great brush in this tube as well

Hand swatch with flash

This was the most pigmented of the lip glosses I tried
It was also slighty heavier than the others too, I guess it was something to do with the colouring
This meant it was slightly sticky especially compared to the others I tried
The pink is a yummy shade, I would compare it to a candy colour easily ♥

Galaxy Chic
Cosmic purple with blue sparkle

This one I was looking forward to the most
I suppose I have a little "thing" for purple lip products!

Not alot of product was on the wand of this lip gloss
But it did mean that it was squeezed off of it a little too much on to the brush

Hand swatch with flash

It was a little dissappointing! I was hoping for a much brighter coloured gloss
Though it's still nice, it just wasn't was I expected
Of them all I felt this one had the most glitter packed into it
It wasn't "gritty" in anyway and was definitly full of shimmer!

Packaging; ★★★★★
The packaging is cute, the tube is chunky and I like the tapering
Being square it can also help for if you need to rummage in your bag for it
Chances are you can find it through feel alone

Function; ★★★★☆
A fine product but each had it's own minor flaw as stated above

Longivity; ★★★☆☆
Average for a gloss, will need to be re-applied but you don't need to use a lot

Over all; ★★★☆☆ (3.5)

Would I buy it in future; Possibly, I may venture into more colours
They were all nice in their own way but over all I found them a little average
I would like to try out the Classy Gal shade and would probably re-buy Peace, Love and Mod

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