Thursday, 22 March 2012

† Eye see you †

Like most... or maybe just some, people Kyary Pamyu Pamyu made me lust
for little bows with eyeballs in them by Kreepsville 666

Being a hair bow fiend anyway they were something I really needed in my collection
Thought boy did I end up having a bit of an ordeal with them!

I bought 2 sets of bows from different eBay sellers in different countries
and I was rather shocked to see the quality of the items!

Here are my pink set

The major problem with these is on the lower eye
There is a hard residue on the eye ball that I can't remove
It really messes up the way the eye looks as it's lumpy and blurry

I wanted to cut down on pictures for the blog but there was threads of
hot glue from the production all over, I managed to trim some off but the back is really messy

This is the red pair

The bottom bow is falling forward because the clip was placed too high
and so the eye has become too heavy for it and it falls downwards

This one was actually glued shut!
There was a real mess of glue with these, one clip was pulling away too

I couldn't believe it!
These were the first real "brand" hair bows I had bought
and the quality was so bad compared to the lovely Indie sellers I had bought from

So being British, I took to the customer service department haha
At first they were shocked to hear about the issue and suggested they could
have been stored poorly after being received from their production
I sent across all my pictures and I was told these problems mostly
persisted in early batches of the production and they have since fixed the problem

and as a good will gesture they would send me replacements ♥
Well, I couldn't have been happier with the outcome! It was so kind of them!

and here is the package they sent me...
Replacement bows along with a postcard, badges and a zombie sticker

Since they had no stock of the pink slides I was sent purple instead
I had no problems with this at all! ♥

Over all the quality in comparison is just FANTASTIC
Totally clean, no excess glue or threads hanging off
Everything is still secure too

Here you can see, they are very clean and neat ♪

So I send my thanks to the Kreepsville 666 customer service team for their help
They were totally awesome in helping me out and I didn't expect such a great response!!

I would also suggest that if you want these bows you do purchase from the webstore
Or if its possible try and find them personally so you can inspect the work
I had resorted to eBay because I needed to use PayPal to pay
I paid much more than I needed to, especially for shipping and look where it got me lol

Though now I don't know what to do with my faulty red bows
Throwing them away would be so wasteful, but they are a mess lol
I'd feel bad giving them to someone and even worst trying to sell them haha
I may need to brain storm some creative ideas for them...