Sunday, 26 February 2012

Snapshot Sunday ♪

These blog entries won't necessarily be fulfilling content wise
But just something easy to browse through on a chilling Sunday evening

Expect lots of pets, food and proof of how boring I actually am IRL haha ♥
Of course, it's picture heavy so I added a "cut" to not infringe on my blog page!

I finally found a peanut butter kitkat!!
and from the voting it has almost half the vote?
So I hope it will around for a while because its so YUM

The Valentines special from Krispie Kreme
I wasnt sure I would like it, Im funny with jams and dohnuts
But the filling was actually raspberry cheese cake and not a jam

For some reason my parents bought me loads of childrens pasta haha
Later that day I ate a bowl of apple segments too, I felt like I was a kid again

A sneak peak at a post coming up tomorrow ;)

My Poodle is so elegant!
It looks like Mythbuster Adam is judging her too haha
Thats my GIANT tote bag hehe, it used to be my laundry bag at Uni
It was super handy and heck, Mythbusters is awesome

Nommy cupcakes
I was worried I messed these up, I added like a ton of butter to the mixture
Then realised the butter in the recipe was for the icing not the batter
Thankfully they came out great!

Time for Megu adventures!

It became some kind of brany rabbit dog
and I unlocked a new stray that is quite terrifying!

Now it's a soda can?

This game.

Short post this week, I feel a tad fat posting mostly foods haha
I have been maintaining my weight for a few weeks now
But since I started a diet in January I've lost 5lbs in total
I need to push myself more now
and I don't just eat junk I promise haha, I will show all my veggies some time lol