Sunday, 19 February 2012

Snapshot Sunday ♪

These blog entries won't necessarily be fulfilling content wise
But just something easy to browse through on a chilling Sunday evening

Expect lots of pets, food and proof of how boring I actually am IRL haha ♥
Of course, it's picture heavy so I added a "cut" to not infringe on my blog page!

This is how my dogs spend most of their time lol, looking out the window
and waiting for people to get home from work

This is so pointless lol, but basically no one in my house really uses sugar
So the only sugar we have in the house is stolen from a hotel in Egypt LOL

Coffee Cake continues to be a bad omen for me and relationships
Whenever Im due to bake some, something goes wrong...

Watching Raw, I wish the Great Khali would go away again
Also my TV looks tiny, its like 50" or something haha

Somewhere between that picture and the next
My boyfriend broke up with me
The less said about that the better.

I ate a giant cupcake and in great sorrow I even added strawberry sauce
I had chest pains later that night too, heart break or calorie attack?

"What you looking at?"
My poodle needs her hair cutting! I think she is going fairly soon

Lulu models my new bow hehe

I recevied a Valentine from my friend Rhi
What she put inside it is NSFW and you shouldnt really look if youre under 18
(link to picture to save your eyes)
She used to draw me stuff like this all the time when we were at Uni haha

The result of the Coffee Cake mix
The cases were too big for the bun pan and they didnt rise
So they ended up being like 90% butter cream
I'd call it a fail but, butter cream is amazing...

Burnt stew cooling in the back garden (and my ugg lol)

So basically, at the start of this day, which was also my Dads birthday
We noticed that our eldest dog Scrappy had a rather swollen face
I pretended to be a vet and had a look in her mouth to see her teeth bleeding
So we got her an emergency appointment and took her not soon after
They're hoping removing her teeth will reduce the lump she has in her mouth
and because she's 16 (80 in human years) she needs extra care with her operation
It's going to cost around £350, yikes. She's too old for insurance so we have to pay it

We were talking to the Vet Nurse for a while
and laughing as Scrappy's antibiotics made her drowsy and she fell asleep in my arms
We werent sure if we left the pan on and by this time around an hour had passed
As we pulled into the drive we couldnt tell if the house looked smokey
But we rushed in anyway and yup... the stew had been left on and was burnt
The house was full of smoke and it could have set on fire, argh!

Took ages to get the smoke out of the house and the alarm wouldnt stop for ages
I evacuated the pets to the garden too haha

So that was a long story, but it was a pretty big moment suring the week lol
Scrappy is going for her operation on Wednesday!
I'll be sure to update you next week lol

Lol hai
Before I went for a family curry with my family
We ate so much, I tried some spinach curry for the first time too
I thought it would be rank but it was like the nicest thing ever!

My crazy oreo cake thing with ghost spoon!

and also my Megu update, as per if you want an invite let me know ♪

He was a giraffe for a while and I reached over level 100 lol

Now he is some space Chihuaua thing lol what
He also keeps gardening... how are you gardening in a high story disco?!