Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snapshot Sunday ♪

These blog entries won't necessarily be fulfilling content wise
But just something easy to browse through on a chilling Sunday evening

Expect lots of pets, food and proof of how boring I actually am IRL haha ♥
Of course, it's picture heavy so I added a "cut" to not infringe on my blog page!

So easily amused!
and how dusty has my shelf got? Yuck, it's so hard to keep dust out of my room

Random Daruma's I drew lol!

My 2 big alpacas

Krispy Kreme!

Hello giant fringe!
My hair is so thick, it's like constantly wearing a hat

I bought this for my mum at Christmas hehe

The countdown to Wrestlemania begins!!
Though its like, 55 days away now or something

Omurice montage (created with Diptic app)

Fuller picture of the complete Omurice
I'm crap at trying to fold it over etc. so I just sandwhich the filling between
2 omlettes instead! It makes a fuller meal that way too, I couldn't finish it all!

Creme Egg ice cream, it's nice but you can't help but think it's like frozen raw eggs

Evac Chairs look hella fun

Animal snuggles

Crappy zoom of a girls horrible Ugg boots
I don't get how peoples boots end up like this? It's so gross!
I also had my bag punched by a kid in this waiting room, little twat
All his mum did was tell him to be careful too... what?!
Talk about bad manners, I hope the studs on my bag hurt him as payback!

Content Jennyanydots

Snow progression from the bus and in my back garden
It fell pretty much all day!

Dee Dee kept being lost, the snow reduced her sense of touch
So she couldnt find her way around as easily (she's blind)

Scrappy was cold so I put her coat on haha

and finally...
My Kawaii Pet Megu became cute again after being an ugly cat monster
If you want an invite code to this free app let me know ♥