Friday, 17 February 2012

Rule Breaking; Jelly

These were all found in Jelly, October 2011 and the scans are from Laurita
Also, if I may ask. Do you prefer rule breaking broken down into the magazines like this?
It seems an easier and more organized way of posting to me
But if you prefer certain themes instead of issues, then let me know!

This outfit stood out to me
It has some rather grundgy elements to it and it's also not something
I think of when I think of the magazine Jelly
Even if it's not a very "outrageous" rule break, I still felt it was worth a mention

Something I think about when looking for Rule Breaking is
"If someone posted in Everyday Gyaru with this outfit, would they get told is isnt gyaru?"
and thats exactly what I though about the above three outfits
Yet there they all are in a popular gyaru magazine as a way to wear trend items

Something that caught my eye a few times in this issue of Jelly is a certain shoe
The style varies slightly sometimes, its an almost Creeper, Dr. Marten style shoe
Something quite manly looking and not a shoe people would see and think "gyaru"

Lol I love this

Mostly used in "manly" styles, I'm not sure how well the shoe has done in sales etc
It was very interesting to see this shoe in a fashion most people would say
you are expected to wear high heels, but obviously this isnt the case!