Friday, 24 February 2012

Rule Breaking ★ Happie Nuts

These were all found in Happie Nuts, October 2011 and the scans are from Laurita
Sorry if you're a bit over loaded with Rule Breaking posts lately
I'm catching up on all the magazines I've missed out

I know I seem to be focusing on shoes a lot lately
But the magazines themselves seem set on pushing the boundaries of "gyaru shoes"
Creepers, loafers and platform sneakers all featured here
It's not just about heels anymore ♪

Had to feature these boots
They're Glad News' take on gothic transmuter boots!
So ladies, get out your old goth platforms

Featured this gal purely to show how you can be casual
Gals feel pressured into being super dressed and dolled up all the time
But don't forget it's easy to pull off a gyaru look whilst being comfortable too ♪