Thursday, 9 February 2012

Rule Breaking; Egg

It's Rule Breaking time again as I begin playing catch up
These were all found in Egg October 2011 and the scans are from Laurita
I'm sure I will be catching up for a while but I hope to revive this blog series!

Some clear Shibuhara stylings here
The hoody, though a staple piece in JSG (we all know their cat ear tops!)
This is a newer style, a more... demonic style of ear reminding me of Warumono!
They layered polka dot skirts are too reminiscent of a more Harajuku influence
Yet these don't look too out of place for a JSG collection at all!

In terms of hair this model was featured a lot in the issue
and I am quite in love with her use of red and blue, it's almost flag like in theme!
I have spoken about hair a lot in this Rule Breaking series and it still seems to be an issue
But believe me, I have seen more than enough proof that gyaru hair can be whatever you want

As forever shown by this awesome girl...
Love her, hate her... She is the almighty queen of gyaru rule breaking
and Egg obviously see and love this in her too!
I am quite in love with her hehe, it must be mighty easy to switch wigs too!

Manba was also featured!
Many, perhaps all, gyaru these days will protest this style is dead
and whilst it may not be in boom anymore it's never fair to dismiss it completely
Punk boomed in the 70's and would you say there are no Punks left today?

She just oozes manba to the core
It was awesome to see her and her style featured in a magazine

In other news, this is my 350th post here! Oh my!