Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu mask ♪

Surely you all know Kyary by now?
Blogger, turned model, turned musician
Kyary is taking Japan by storm lately with her unique sense of style

and using a spare medical mask and the above image as inspiration
I decided to make myself look more like Kyary (sort of...)

The tools I used;
Spare Cocolulu mask
Mini Sharpies

and the result!
In hindsight, I wish I'd made the teeth bigger
But, this wasn't for anything serious, I was just bored one night haha
Also, this thing REEKED of Sharpie fumes for quite some time after
So, from experience, I have to say; Don't wear it straight away!

Now you can be an evil Kyary monster without ruining your actual face
(I wouldn't suggest Sharpies directly onto your skin! lol)

Again, this is totally random I know. It's not to be taken seriously
and if anyone can do it better, go ahead! Let's start a Kyary mask army haha ♪