Saturday, 18 February 2012


It's not often I post at 4am from my phone, but I'm rather angry right now

When I wrote my recent post about how to spot fake WC goods
This was is no way a post directed to or about Anz Falcon or her affiliation with Minky Shop

I've just had a little chat with her an found out she's had a little bit of harassment about this since I wrote the post and I just want to say that is so not cool and you don't have any right to be so rude to her!

I really like Anz, not just for her great style or for being a fellow WC lover
but because she's a sweet person and a fantastic mother
I'm really sorry to have caused her any grief and I hope anyone who reads my blog and has posted any form of message to her will have the guts and conscience to apologise to her

She is now aware the goods are potentially counterfeit but who she chooses to work with is no business to anyone but her and you have no right to stick your nose in!
I in no way think any less of her for working with Minky Shop or anyone who chooses to shop with them, it's your choice at the end of the day and if you can't get hold of real WC for whatever reason then that's up to you if you wash to shop elsewhere
The point of my post was to create awareness and nothing more

I'm really sorry for this ramble, but as I said I was really angry when I heard about this and I wanted to address the matter

Please be respectful people, it's easy to do, it's free and it makes you feel good