Monday, 13 February 2012

A guide to fake W♥C products

A guide on how to spot fake W♥C clothing

This is a rather long post and I tried my best to go into as much detail as I could
I have been a W♥C fan for a very long time and I used my experience to make this
I'm not writing this to snark on counterfeit stores mentioned
I am writing this so people can make an informed decision when purchasing goods
Though of course I always recommend you purchase through the offical W♥C store

The only flaw with this guide is that it can be hard to spot the features online
especially as stores do their best to hide and mask their use of fake labels
and you may not be able to identify a fake item until it is there in front of you
If this happens you are within your statutory rights to return the product

If you read this and realise you have bought fake
W♥C products
Then I am sorry! If it's still a recent purchase you may want to try return the item
and if it's an older purchase then you know not to trust the store you bought it from again

Anyone reading this wanting to claim against a store for a fake
W♥C item they were sold
Has permission to link to this blog entry to back up their claims
As it contains proof from my own photographs to webstore links

To preserve the layout of my blog when viewed on the home page
You will need to click "Read more" to see the entire entry


Real labels by the neck are vibrants blue and red in colour
With clear, crips, printed writing and image

The garment size is always attached to this label and will be represented with a letter
as per Japanese sizing. S for Small, M for Medium and F for Free

Even my sweaters from a fukubukuro, that were never sold seperatly in store
have this label with the size like all products

Older W♥C labels are much smaller with just the logo, these are no longer used
If you have a new W♥C
item with an old style label
or vice versa, and old W♥C item with a new large square label
Then that is another tell tale sign
Fakes did not generally come into market until this particular label was put into use

The card label is attached to the size tab (in pants it may be attached to a belt loop)
It will always be attached with cotton and plastic so the tag has to be cut from the item

If your card tag has a hole punched out of it, this means the item was in a fukubukuro
W♥C do this to prevent store returns of fukubukuro items

You can see here all the item details on the back of the tag
Note at the top of the label is the items code, which corresponds on the website

The rose jumper has since been removed from the website so I can't link to show

The inside label is in Japanese and has an item number to match that of the card label
These numbers are identical and will match on the website too

Another example to back up my proof on my shirt

Even when washed, the label is still cripsly printed, no running or blotches to it

On the label is the item code WC11SS-162
The shirt is still available to see on the website here
You can see the code just under the price and that it matches my garment


I have unfortunatly bought fake W♥C by accident in the past
I bought this top on Mbok in good faith having never been duped there before
But I will always be a little more cautious now I know how to check for fake items

I was instantly wary of the vest when it arrived
The colours seems a little off, I always thought they were more subdued in the real item
especially since Kumatans hair appeared red and not brown
and this is was sparked my interest in comparing

(Sorry for the glare, the white of the top affected the image)
You can see the fake label is a deeper blue and the printing is cheap
The writing is blotchy and Kumatans nose is blocthy too and it has migrated into his eye
Over all everything is slightly thicker

No size label is attached to the bottom of this

The inside labels. To the left is the fake label
You can see how different they are, especially in their use of JapaneseLink

Also the size on the fake is show in a circle and it's not printed like this in real labels

As for the product code on the fake label, I was instantly suspicious as I remember
This item was released in 2011 not 2010 like the code suggest
When I searched for the product code on the fake label, WC10SU-368
The W♥C website shows a Kumatan T-shirt and not this vest

The real W♥C code for this product is WC11SU-242 and you can see it here
You can also see the label on the neck and make out that it has a smaller
label for the size attached to it, which my fake vest does not have

As of Feb 18th 2012
This post was edited to remove information regarding stores stocking counterfit items
I was appauled when I heard some of my readers were harrassing a model of
one of the stores in regards to her affiliation with the shop
What the model does and who she does business with was not the focus of this blog
and it is nothing to do with you either, so please refrain from further contact

Comments on this entry have been removed to protect the model
and new comments are disabled from being posted

Im still shocked and angry that I have readers who would do such a thing
please everyone, be respectful to the model or ANYONE who
has bought fake WC goods. Where they choose to buy their clothes if up to them

To buy real W♥C items you need to use a shipping service to buy from their official store
or go to the stores in person (or have someone you know in Japan go for you!)

Mbok is risky but since people take images of the items themselves
You can use this information above to look and see if the items are real
and as with fake sites, stay away from auctions without their own images