Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Some long lost Gets!
I just realised I had these images on my laptop and forgot to post them
Some are from a few months ago now, whoops!

Topshop Shark glasses case
I am still in love with the Topshop shark print! ♥

MAC x Wonder Woman mascara
Works well, saving it's use for when my current mascara runs out though

Double sided Vivienne Westwood charm ♥
My collection is coming along rather well it looks pretty sweet

Forgotten Lucky Cupcake gets!
Headwrap and pleather/lace bow

Lime Crime gets ahoy!
I mentioned these in my post about the Carousel Gloss (you can see that here)

I got 4 lipsticks...

Airborne Unicorn, My Beautiful Rocket, Countessa Fluorescent and Mint to be
Individual posts coming very soon with my thoughts on these lipsticks ★

and finally...
These are from Bench and they fit perfectly
Especially in length, which as a short girl can be an issue when it comes to pants etc

and thats my rather varied gets!
All caught up with now, I know there will have been other stuff I forgot to photograph
But I can't remember what they could be, especially since Xmas has been now
Too many new pretty things in my life hehe