Thursday, 16 February 2012

Di Depux Gets!

I bought this quite a while ago now, another GETS I failed to blog about heh
It's a custom flower name necklace by the fabulous Di Depux ♥
The cost of this necklace is €25,00

The necklace is so cute! I can't thank her enough, super sweet
The plastic is thick enough to be sturdy but not too thick either
I like how the chain is attached too to help stop the necklace slanting whilst its worn

You can customise pretty much everything about these necklaces
The colours of the plastics, rhinestone colours, flower colours even the chain!
My design was rather simple really but I still love it! ♥

When I ordered there was a special promotion going on
So I received a cute ring for free too! A super sweet touch
I especially like that it matched the necklace too instead of being a random gift
It felt more personal and thought out this way

Want some cuteness?

If you do order, it's always nice to mention you heard them from my blog ♥
I wasn't sponsored for this post, I bought the necklace myself and just want to share the love!

I actually ordered something else just the other day
So expect another Di Depux gets post soon!!

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This post was 100% NOT sponsored and the item was purchased
DISCOUNT CODE: "FEBLOVE" at the checkout and get -20% until 20 of February