Friday, 3 February 2012

Circle lense review ★

The lenses in this post were provided to me by Geo Coloured Lenses
Though required to review for their website all opinions stated are my own

Lense; Princess Mimi Almond
This series is available in prescription 0.00 to -8.00
Shelf life is 3 years with a usage length of up to 1 year
They are 15mm diameter

Cute packaging and feet print case
It's always comforting to see your lenses inside a holder
You know they have been really well protected during their shipment

The lense itself seem really understated
and it is the least extravagant of the Mimi Princess series

Both in
You can see the haze it has around my natural colour
and how prominant the black outer ring is to the lense

One in, one out
The englargement is surprising from such a "plain" style of lense
But it is certainly noticeable!


Style; ★★★★☆
Really understated, I can see why people may over look these in the series
Seem like they would be mostly suited to people with a natural dark eye

Comfort; ★★★★☆
Has a little discomfort when first applying
They had been soaked in clean solution for a few days prior
I washed them and re inserted, the discomfort had reduced

Enlarging effect; ★★★★★
Great englargement
The bold black outer ring provides an illusions of size

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