Saturday, 18 February 2012

Circle lense review and giveaway! ★

The lenses in this post were provided to me by Kiwiberry Collections
Though required to review for their website all opinions stated are my own

Lense; EOS Misty Max in Violet (G-301)
This series is available in plano only
Shelf life is 3 years with a usage length of up to 1 year
They are 14.5mm diameter

A really pretty lense! The pattern is like a mild version of the Princess Mimi
I love the colour and the brown in the middle helps to blend to your eyes easier

Both in, you can see how strong the colour is

One in and one out
Depsite not being the largest of lenses they offer a great large appearance!

Bonus picture!
(also, wearing the Lime Crime lipstick I posted recently)

Style; ★★★★★
Really like these lenses!
As I said before they remind me of Princess Mimi but they arent as bold
and thats a good thing! They offer a unique look without being over powering

Comfort; ★★★★☆
Had a little discomfort with these
The lense was really floppy and it took a few tries to get them in
They settled ok eventually and with some drops to help they felt fine

Enlarging effect; ★★★★★
Great englargement!

Want a pair?

If you do order, it's always nice to mention you heard them from my blog ♥

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