Friday, 29 April 2011

Palty Bubble Mousse Hair Colour ♪ (pic heavy!)

I won't necessarily say this is a review, but I know having English blogs
about product such as these are always helpful so of course I am happy to oblige!
I was also thinking of doing this in 2 parts, but thought I'm best having it together

Though I like my bright red it, the bleaching was causing my hair damage
In the past I have done a LOT to my hair so for it to actually be damaged
I know something wasn't very right and hair health is always more important than colour
Not to mention up-keep was tough and I had highly visible roots very often!

Being a sucker to Japanese cosmetics and such, I always looked at Palty dyes
Then saw they had released a new series of mousse dyes and I fell in love with them
I bought the dye from eBay with thanks for the link to Marie

So here we go... Palty Bubble Mousse Hair Colour in Raspberry Jam
(People are mistaking this colour as Strawberry, but it's Raspberry in English)
The seller sent me some free Biore nose strips too, very nice! ♥

The shade guide

Back of the pack, with a short user guide and list of natural ingrediants

Side of pack with lots of Japanese to boggle your brain

The top of the box, apparently hair dye and cakes go hand in hand hehe

Inside you will find...
Little pack of gloves, instructions (in Japanese) and a hair mask
A tub to mix your stuff in, base water, special spoon and the colour cream
as well as a lot of warning and such

The gloves are really good quality!
Not that see through plastic bag style that would only fit Shrek
Perfect gloves for the job!

A list of what you get

A list of what you need, this made me giggle

The back of the pack also pushes in, like so...

Then you can use it as a holder!
Great way to stabilise the cup ♪

I was nervous about using the dye as I'd never used a mousse type before!
and I've never been too spectacular with home dyes before so that was looming over me too
Also combined with my fleeting Japanese, the instructions seemed too easy
I was like... "Am I reading this right?" haha, the internet was no real aid
as most sites are Japanese too
So I just trusted my reading skills and went for it!

First, the base water
Which I thought would be more... watery!
It smelt like fresh water though I have to say

Then the colour cream
Splodge, splodge!

Heres what youre left with...
Mmm O __ O

Jab in your spoon and poke at it for 10 motions
Then stir it in one direction between 20 and 40 times
The foam reaction is quick and it soon rises up!
Becareful not to spill it!

To apply just pick scoops up in your hand and rub it onto your roots first
Then around your ears, and the rest just slap on like a shampoo really
The mousse is great you can really work it in well without a lot of dripping or tangles
Though I have to say the mousse wasnt as thick as I thought it might be after reading
Bloomzy's Beautylabo whip blog, that dye seems very stiff from what she wrote hehe

I used 2 packs, I may not have the longest hair but I sure do have the thickest!
and when buying dye through the net its best to be over prepared
If it goes wrong you can't just run out and buy another bottle of it, so dont be afraid to buy that extra pack

The product smells really nice and fruity when applying
Such a good thing for a usually nasty smelling product to feature ♥
and whilst dying it felt a little tingley, but not for long and it wasnt in a bad sense
So all was well there

My hair just after application

and during the dye process

Youre supposed to leave it only 20 minutes, but because my dad used the bathroom
I left it on for closer to 40 minutes... woops!!

To remove, rinse your hair and lather out the dye
When water starts to run clearer, shampoo twice and then condition
Towel dry and add the mask, which is made of camellia oil
(since its an oil becareful, it might make your hair look greasy fast)

and then once your hair is dry, you're done!

The final result... *drum roll*

It's hard to photograph, I think it's a tad deeper in real life
and in my first attempt to photograph it, it looked un-dyed... so weird!
Especially when it was so different in real life!

Over all this is an ok dye, I'm just waiting now to see how long it will last etc
I do think a lot of the red was from my previous hair colour as my roots arent as bright
But I have to say it did dye them well and they aren't as noticable
Theyre also a tad lighter too which is nice, as my hair/roots were very dark
I thought with it being a mousse I didn't have to pay much attention to
making sure I got it all on my roots perfectly, but you do
My top roots/around my face I made sure to cover but else where I didn't
and they aren't as good as the ones I made sure to dye
So yes, seperate your hair and apply to your roots to be on the safe side for sure~

My hair also smelt so lovely after dying, I keep sitting with it on my face haha
...and that's all I can really remember being important for now!

I hope anyone who might come across this entry whilst looking up the dye finds it helpful ♪

Cuticle Oil Review ★

The product in this post was provided to me by Born Pretty Store
Though recquired to review for their website all opinions stated are my own

Product; Cuticle oil in strawberry

It's a little hard to review this product as it's not something you can photograph etc
So I hope you can just take my word!

I am in love with this product, I saw it on Bloomzy's blog and had to try it
I chose the Strawberry scent and wow, it's so yummy, I want to eat it!

To use, you twist the end for a click or two
Then apply a small amount to your cuticle with the brush and massage in
It's reccommended you use it 3 ~ 4 times a week, but I've become an addict
Even after a few days I'm seeind a difference!
My cuticles were becoming super hard, visible and generally horrible from work
But now theyre soft, easy to push back and don't have a white outline to them anymore
I've been using it on my hangnails too and they're not sore now ♥

Softening; ★★★★★
It works wonders, a new handbag must for me

Scent; ★★★★★
It smells so amazing, I can't get enough!
Strong when you first apply but it lingers too, just try not to get caught
smelling your hands in public... it could be embarrassing!
It's also available in 4 Floral scents as well as 6 Fruit scents
You can buy all 10 or individually

Price; ★★★★★
Totally reasonable! $1.61 when bought seperatly
and when it works too, it's total value for money!

Thursday, 28 April 2011


This Gets post is so ironic with the current state of my bank
But to an extent, it's the reason for that haha

In case you haven't been able to guess, perhaps you don't even know of the condition
I have Dyscalculia, so I have trouble when it comes to numbers
and a 'symptom' of this means I have no real concept of money value
I have trouble budgeting, and I don't add things up as I shop lol
So now you know a little bit more as to why I appear to be shopping even whilst 'poor'
It's just a problem really, I know I can't blame my Dyscalculia entirely
But I can sure as hell try! Muahaha...

I don't know whats wrong with my camera flash lately!
My mum picked this up for me recently, cute french brooch

Some beauty things; Cellulite roller, makeup sponge cleaners and oil papers
Im not sure how/when to use the roller for best results yet, I wish it was a mircale worker lol

Awesome and totally hipster top from Urban Outfitters!
This is the first time I've bought something from there too~
Even though it's black and with longer sleeves it's still good for the season
as it's so light! I can't wait to wear this hehe, need to draw on a triangle wrist tattoo rofl

A popular TopShop design Im glad to finally have it!
The sizing for this brand (Sweet n' Sour) is confusing though
and they used to be repackaged Junk Food items for a long time... naughty!
I might have to cute the neck off for it to look cool and baggy
Not just "baggy because youre too fat for a Medium chubby butt!" lol

tutuHA top I bought from Mitsu!
I really loved this design so was happy to see her selling it
Bit too small on the boob area, so thinking of another Minimiser Bra in the future

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

What I wore ★

It's been a while since I posted outfits and recently I realised I want to do it more
and I thought I would post these now as my hair colour has recently changed
I don't want them all mingled up hehe

My purple Alpaca is called Macoron ♪

Sorry this is just a phone picture!
Hair bow; Topshop
Sailor Jacket; Primark
T-shirt; Dorothy Perkins
Leggings; Dorothy Perkins
Shoes; I forgot what I wore!
Necklace and ring; Vivienne Westwood
Spike bracelet; ASOS

Picture from a lense review

This is one of my favourite outfits right now hehe
Bowler hat; H&M
Circle Lenses; EOS Tear in Pink
Cardigan; BANK
Tube top; W♥C
Leggings; Dorothy Perkins
Shoes; Internationale (White, plastic flats)
Orb Necklace; Vivienne Westwood
Cross Necklace; tutuHA

This was just thrown on after work for an evening of fun in the sun!

T-shirt; McDonalds, in Japan lol
Hareem pants; Primark
Glitter Flip Flops; Primark
Sunglasses; Primark
Ring; Vivienne Westwood

Thats all I've caught so far hehe
I'm usually a tiny bit late for meeting people and such
So I never have time to take pictures before I leave the house to show what I wore
But I will try my best to capture more outfits ♥

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Cracking Nail Varnish Review ★

The product in this post was provided to me by Born Pretty Store
Though recquired to review for their website all opinions stated are my own

Product; Cracking nail varnish in Yellow

Cracking Nail Varnish is becoming very popular lately!
So I was very excited to try some, especially in a lovely bright colour
As so far in the UK I had not seen many coloured cracking nail varnishes
But don't worry, BPS are here to the rescuse and carry a whole range of colours

The nail varnish is quite thin compared to what I've used in the past
But it wasn't necessarily runnier because it wasn't thick

Heres the varnish just as I applied it...
Lovely and bright, this colour is great for the upcoming season!

It does take a little while to dry and for the cracking to begin
But it's not ridiculously long, it just dries as a normal polish time apposed to super fast
and instantly reacting. It's totally bareable and it's worth watching the effect
It's so cool to see the cracks forming

The cracks were hard to photograph as they were very fine, almost more shattered
It's hard to describe too just how different it looks in real life
There is a certain depth you can see from the cracks, it seems almost like a 3D effect
I tried my best to capture it in a picture but it's something only the eyes can see!

(I am going to try and replace the above photo ASAP, it doesnt show the product well enough)
Until then if you click it to see the larger version you can see more detail!

One tip I have to say is make sure you use a top coat with this varnish!
It will easily flake off without a top coat

Then I tried to get experimental!
and I used it on top of my Barry M hot pink...
Whilst on top of another colour the cracks are more defined and are bigger
Though the shade is strong it's still a little effected by the pink
I think using a paler pink underneath would have been better~

I also apologise for the messy paint job
I would have to run out of pads to use nail varnish remover with
on the day I review a nail varnish haha, thats just how things work sometime
But I hope I still gave a clear view on the product, if you think the pictures could be better
Please dont be afraid to let me know, and I can try to replace them

Colour; ★★★★☆
Very bright but can lose some quality depending on a base colour used

Dry time; ★★★☆☆
Average drying time, nothing too bad about it

Chip resistance; ★★☆☆☆
This could be product specific really because of the cracking effect
and the score is based on not using a top coat
To keep your nails chip free add a top coat for sure!

Nail stain resistance; ★★★★★
In the past yellow varnish has left me with horrible staining
But with this I had NONE and I didn't even use a base coat! I am so impressed ♥


♪ Cracking nail varnish is so fun, I'd reccomend it to everyone ♪

Monday, 25 April 2011

Recent going ons...

It's rare I just blog here about things I have gotten up to
I do sometimes wonder how I want this place to work
But I guess sometimes a more personal post won't hurt will it?

So last Sunday I went to Newcastle with my boyfriend to see WWE Smackdown
We went to see it Manchester at the end of last year and it was on TV
Though this was a house show, so it wasnt on TV, no big fancy titantron or anything

We had a bit of money trouble for the trip though
I'd not been paid that week and my boyfriends card was broken
Then to make matters worse our tickets were £52 each for the train!
I still do not understand how that happened... but we learnt a hard lesson there for sure

Newcastle is a really nice place! We stayed in Quayside near the river
There was loads of interesting buildings and such, including this one...
The Chinese resturaunt where we ate before the show
We walked everywhere that weekend and found it en route between the hotel and venue
It was cheap too for a meal set, which is what we needed for sure haha

I know no one is really interested in wrestling but I hope you don't mind if I share
just 2 pictures with you hehe

Last year Beth Phoenix was out of action during the UK tour
So I was SO happy to see her live, my boyfriend said my face was pure joy
When her music hit and I can imagine so, I was super excited haha
Though I was alot calmer than I had been before, I was still a little rowdy lol

Edge and Christian hugging
I won't bore you with any stories here, but if you watch wrestling
Then you will know why this picture is so lovely ♥
and you will also know why I cried when Edge came out haha

We have had an animal invasion recently in our garden too!
In once day we saw 2 Voles, one of which I tried to catch for a pet haha
I managed to pick it up but it bit me and wouldnt let go
Then when it jumped out my hands it landed on its side, with a horrible noise
I was so so so so so so sad, I thought it was dead!
But it seemed like it was knocked out a little bit, we picked it up in a tub
and let it regain itself in safety from cats, then took it to the near by field
It happily skuttled off, it didn't even seem injured weirdly but I can't be sure
and I'm sure it's happier in the field than in my house or a tub haha

But then about 10minutes after all this had gone one
My mum calls up to my room that they found another animal
I expected a Vole but instead it was a puppy!!
He belongs to a neighbour and had escaped as they left the house
They didnt even notice him go past them hahaha
It's a good thing it was a nice day and my dad was outside or else he might have run away

Isn't he the cutest thing? He kept licking my nose and smelt all... puppy haha
Also the best part is his name, Ned. What a cool name!

I've been working a bit but because of the good weather
We have been getting sent home early, can't complain though
There had been so many film showings and no one at all was going into them
So all the seats were empty! It made my job easier in one way but in another
when you have nothing at all to do, it makes your job hard too!

Then the other night I hung with my boyfriend and the guys in a park
Like all your average 21 year olds Im sure... hahaha

In other news, I'm working more on trying to photograph my outfits
I never post what Ive been wearing anymore, it makes my endless spending
seem like its not worthwhile haha, I assure you I use the things I buy hehe
Well I say that, some stuff does just sit around. I just try to sell it on lol

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The shorts...

So, quite some time ago W♥C made these shorts
I always liked them, but it was back when I didn't use a shipping service
They were in and out of stock and at a bit of a hefty price (over 7,000yen)
So I never got them and just forever lusted after them

The end of season sale came around and they were reduced
But I wasn't fast enough to get a pair at the discount price and was left shortless

Cut to 2011 and in some lucky fate I get them in a Fukubukuro
It's winter so I can't wear them and they go into hiding amongst my Summer clothes

The time is now and they are in my wardrobe
They are a size Medium and I am reaching 3 stone over weight
Yep, 3 stone overweight in the past year, it's just piled on and I've gone up 2 sizes

Theres no more numbers to my weight loss goals... just these shorts
I ♥ these short and I can't wait to wear them

Saturday, 23 April 2011

"Originality is dead"

This mental battle of thoughts was sparked when I saw a Glamour Kills hoody in Leeds

I can't but find it a little contradictory in itself though as it's an original design hah

My first thoughts were of trends and peoples views on them towards it's followers
and it took my back to my early-teens of being rather gothic and trying my best not to fit in

Looking back now, I hated this mind set so much, how stupid I was to not want to be judged
To not want to be labelled, yet I did it to other people all the time
As I've grown up I've realised just because something is popular or a trend
If you genuinelly like it, you shouldn't avoid it to try prove some silly point
In effect its as though people who do this are trying to claim to be more "original"
Because they dress "different" but to hate something for no reason other than you saw it
in the window of a Topshop... stop being so stuck up! How stupid

You can wear things on trend and still be unique or original from a crowd
It all boils down to how YOU wear it personally with YOUR own flair
and even these "Topshop clones" as I've heard them called, don't simply copy mannequins
They will wear a certain item in a way they see best, whether its casual or dressed up
Have you ever genuinely walked past a bunch of girls wearing the same outfit? No
A certain top or so could become popular and you might see it 20 times in one day
But chances are every single wearer will look different!!

I've personally felt some wrath of a person who went out of her way to do this thing
and because I grew out of me aforementioned teenage mindset
I was ridiculed for this, but I don't see how going out of your way to dislike something
For no legitimate reason some how makes you a better person than someones who does?
I wasn't doing it to try and fit in or anything, I just didn't want to dress the same way I did when I was 13

and I am a hell of a lot happier with how I look now even if I have piled on weight since then lol
I really do think it takes a lot more guts and personality to pull off a trendy item and make it yours

Of course Im not saying "LOVE EVERYTHING EVER!!!"
But I'm sure youre getting my jist here. hehe
I'm sure I have gone super off track and ranted here but
Is originality dead? Everythings be done before I suppose
I guess to an extent it is, unless... you just get creative and open your mind

Apologies if this is too ranty hehe

Friday, 22 April 2011

New Sponsor; Born Pretty Store ♥

Born Pretty Store are a recent addition to my blog sponsors ♥
Whilst I have yet to receive items to review I thought I would introduce them
through a pair of eyelashes I received for free through their Facebook campaign!
The campaign was open to anyone so this isn't a sponsored review~

I am still rather new when it comes to lashes, very much a noob!
But I was delighted with the pair I was sent ♥
To get these lashes I had to "Like" their Facebook page and then await the code
Once the code was announced you were to use a special item page to get your lashes
They were chosen at random for everyone who took part

The more likes that the status about the lashes received, the more lases available
So for example, say the status for 368 likes, it would mean there was 368 pairs of lashes

...I hope I explained that well! On to the lashes!
Criss cross style from Korea!
I had been curious about this style of lash so was very happy to be able to try them
Even with my lack of lash skills, hehe

Here I am wearing the lashes
I'm sure that paired with some lower lashes these would add a lot of drama!

They were very long in length, but thankfully not too long
I think I have a heavy brow, so having lashes too long is irritaing and these were just right!

So, be sure to like Born Pretty on Facebook!
and keep your eyes peeled for their generousity
They often give away nail stamping plates ♪

As for Born Pretty Store, they sell many very well priced beauty goods
All with free shipping too, so whats not to love there?
Their main focus is on nail tools and products but theres plenty of other things too
Like make up, circle lenses, deco rhinestones and of course every Gals favourite...

This set is of 50 lashes and comes with lash glue as well as applicator
all for $12.34... I think that's a really good price personally
Buy this set here
I think once I am more confident with lashes I will add this to my cart straight away!

I feel like I may of got muddled when writing this
So if anything is un-clear feel free to ask my any questions