Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pets ★

Hello there!
A break from my usual blog topics to bring you some pets

This weekend we got a new pet tortoise ♥
We have called him Toby, so you might see me tweeting about him at the moment
He's a bit of a character and certainly not slow in the slightest!

I'm not a fan of him having wood chippings I have to say
Hopefully we can get him some lovely soils and sands to dig around in asap

He's shy lol

and well, I felt bad posting just about Toby so you may as well meet my other pets!

Chanel the rabbit
We thought she would be tiny but one day she decided to grow massive!
She's really mean and likes to try attack you but I still love her lol
When I lived in Preston for Uni, she was in my flat with me hehe
I can't remember if she nibbled on Bloomzy's feet one time...

Jennyanydots, our last kitty!
Over the years we have had many cats but through age and cancers
We have just Jenny/Jen Jen remaining now
She is so photogenic, I tend to post her a bit on my Instagram hehe
But she gets knots in her fur so easily, she is sporting a rather large bald spot at the moment!
Her markins are all stripey in gingers and greys, really pretty ♥

Dee Dee the poodle! ♥♥♥
She is almost inbetween Toy and Miniature I would say
7 years old and now fully blind due to detatched retena the poor girl
But she gets along with her life just fine and can still navigate the house well
She's practically my baby lol, couldn't live without her! ♥

Scrappy Doo, the old Jack Russel!
Ohhh so old Doods! She's 17... 19... I can't remember not having her in my life!
All grey in her once brown face bless her
When she licks your face it's like getting a sloppy grandma kiss

and finally...
Lulu the Bichon Frise
Big fatty bum Lulu is my mums dog
She has the most unique personality I have ever seen in a dog
She is smart but in really weird and stupid ways, like knowing the microwave ping = food
Also scared of bubble wrap and tweeting noises for some unknown reasons lol
A total character, I tease her alot but she's my little bear!

So there you go!
I hope you enjoyed seeing my pets hehe ♥