Thursday, 18 August 2011

Random Eyes ★

The products in this post were provided to me by Random Eyes Boutique
Though required to review for their website all opinions stated are my own

First of all a big congratulations to the store and a welcome back too!
As they have been redesigning their website recently
So I bring you this review just in time for their grand re-opening ♥

So, who are Random Eyes?
Randomeyes Boutique are the ORIGINAL creators of googly eyes
gumball jewellery and kitsch accessories.
Unique handmade gumball earrings, kawaii necklaces and kitsch bracelets
all feature mini food and drink charms (along with cute random everyday objects),
each with their own pair of wiggly, wobbly, googly eyes!

Random Eyes were kind enough to provide me with some products to showcase!

Each product came in it's own little gift bag, so sweet ♥
And it makes them easily given as a gift! Perfect for random surprises

Pink iced donut necklace - £5
Donut approximately 20x20x8mm. Necklace approximately 24"

Good enough to eat right?
But, its looking at me and making me feel guilty!

With the shape of this product I easily see a ":O" face hehe
and don't be put off by the chain length if short is more your thing
These types of ballchains can easily be cut shorter with a strong pair of scissors!
Though please take care if you are to do this

Chocolate Saauce covered ice cream cones - £4.50
Ice creams approximately 12x21x12mm

Perfect for the summer time, and tempting for those around you!
I'm not a huge wearer of earrings so I was worried how these may feel
But they are surprisingly not too heavy at all! I got used to them quickly
and it wasn't unless I moved my head a lot that I remembered I was wearing them

Oh my, doesn't my ear look big?
Maybe I need more piercings to disguise them in Random Eyes earrings?

Want some cuteness?

You can get 10% off your order using the code "samispoon"
This special code for my readers is valid until 30/09/11
Be sure to check out their new rewards point system too for more discounts!

Looked around and can't find a charm or style for you?
First of all, that has to be impossible!
But you have nothing to fear and you can contact them for a customeyes order!
Customise bracelets with your choice of charms and more

If you do order, it's always nice to mention you heard them from my blog ♥

I think these amazing earring studs will be on my "to buy" list for sure!

Googly eye stud earrings - £3.50
and even better is when purchased £2 will be donated to the charity Mind
Random Eyes are very proactive with this charity and I applaud them for their contributions!

I hope you all have fun checking out Random Eyes!
Be sure to comment and let me know what your favourite product is

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