Wednesday, 27 April 2011

What I wore ★

It's been a while since I posted outfits and recently I realised I want to do it more
and I thought I would post these now as my hair colour has recently changed
I don't want them all mingled up hehe

My purple Alpaca is called Macoron ♪

Sorry this is just a phone picture!
Hair bow; Topshop
Sailor Jacket; Primark
T-shirt; Dorothy Perkins
Leggings; Dorothy Perkins
Shoes; I forgot what I wore!
Necklace and ring; Vivienne Westwood
Spike bracelet; ASOS

Picture from a lense review

This is one of my favourite outfits right now hehe
Bowler hat; H&M
Circle Lenses; EOS Tear in Pink
Cardigan; BANK
Tube top; W♥C
Leggings; Dorothy Perkins
Shoes; Internationale (White, plastic flats)
Orb Necklace; Vivienne Westwood
Cross Necklace; tutuHA

This was just thrown on after work for an evening of fun in the sun!

T-shirt; McDonalds, in Japan lol
Hareem pants; Primark
Glitter Flip Flops; Primark
Sunglasses; Primark
Ring; Vivienne Westwood

Thats all I've caught so far hehe
I'm usually a tiny bit late for meeting people and such
So I never have time to take pictures before I leave the house to show what I wore
But I will try my best to capture more outfits ♥