Friday, 29 April 2011

Palty Bubble Mousse Hair Colour ♪ (pic heavy!)

I won't necessarily say this is a review, but I know having English blogs
about product such as these are always helpful so of course I am happy to oblige!
I was also thinking of doing this in 2 parts, but thought I'm best having it together

Though I like my bright red it, the bleaching was causing my hair damage
In the past I have done a LOT to my hair so for it to actually be damaged
I know something wasn't very right and hair health is always more important than colour
Not to mention up-keep was tough and I had highly visible roots very often!

Being a sucker to Japanese cosmetics and such, I always looked at Palty dyes
Then saw they had released a new series of mousse dyes and I fell in love with them
I bought the dye from eBay with thanks for the link to Marie

So here we go... Palty Bubble Mousse Hair Colour in Raspberry Jam
(People are mistaking this colour as Strawberry, but it's Raspberry in English)
The seller sent me some free Biore nose strips too, very nice! ♥

The shade guide

Back of the pack, with a short user guide and list of natural ingrediants

Side of pack with lots of Japanese to boggle your brain

The top of the box, apparently hair dye and cakes go hand in hand hehe

Inside you will find...
Little pack of gloves, instructions (in Japanese) and a hair mask
A tub to mix your stuff in, base water, special spoon and the colour cream
as well as a lot of warning and such

The gloves are really good quality!
Not that see through plastic bag style that would only fit Shrek
Perfect gloves for the job!

A list of what you get

A list of what you need, this made me giggle

The back of the pack also pushes in, like so...

Then you can use it as a holder!
Great way to stabilise the cup ♪

I was nervous about using the dye as I'd never used a mousse type before!
and I've never been too spectacular with home dyes before so that was looming over me too
Also combined with my fleeting Japanese, the instructions seemed too easy
I was like... "Am I reading this right?" haha, the internet was no real aid
as most sites are Japanese too
So I just trusted my reading skills and went for it!

First, the base water
Which I thought would be more... watery!
It smelt like fresh water though I have to say

Then the colour cream
Splodge, splodge!

Heres what youre left with...
Mmm O __ O

Jab in your spoon and poke at it for 10 motions
Then stir it in one direction between 20 and 40 times
The foam reaction is quick and it soon rises up!
Becareful not to spill it!

To apply just pick scoops up in your hand and rub it onto your roots first
Then around your ears, and the rest just slap on like a shampoo really
The mousse is great you can really work it in well without a lot of dripping or tangles
Though I have to say the mousse wasnt as thick as I thought it might be after reading
Bloomzy's Beautylabo whip blog, that dye seems very stiff from what she wrote hehe

I used 2 packs, I may not have the longest hair but I sure do have the thickest!
and when buying dye through the net its best to be over prepared
If it goes wrong you can't just run out and buy another bottle of it, so dont be afraid to buy that extra pack

The product smells really nice and fruity when applying
Such a good thing for a usually nasty smelling product to feature ♥
and whilst dying it felt a little tingley, but not for long and it wasnt in a bad sense
So all was well there

My hair just after application

and during the dye process

Youre supposed to leave it only 20 minutes, but because my dad used the bathroom
I left it on for closer to 40 minutes... woops!!

To remove, rinse your hair and lather out the dye
When water starts to run clearer, shampoo twice and then condition
Towel dry and add the mask, which is made of camellia oil
(since its an oil becareful, it might make your hair look greasy fast)

and then once your hair is dry, you're done!

The final result... *drum roll*

It's hard to photograph, I think it's a tad deeper in real life
and in my first attempt to photograph it, it looked un-dyed... so weird!
Especially when it was so different in real life!

Over all this is an ok dye, I'm just waiting now to see how long it will last etc
I do think a lot of the red was from my previous hair colour as my roots arent as bright
But I have to say it did dye them well and they aren't as noticable
Theyre also a tad lighter too which is nice, as my hair/roots were very dark
I thought with it being a mousse I didn't have to pay much attention to
making sure I got it all on my roots perfectly, but you do
My top roots/around my face I made sure to cover but else where I didn't
and they aren't as good as the ones I made sure to dye
So yes, seperate your hair and apply to your roots to be on the safe side for sure~

My hair also smelt so lovely after dying, I keep sitting with it on my face haha
...and that's all I can really remember being important for now!

I hope anyone who might come across this entry whilst looking up the dye finds it helpful ♪