Saturday, 23 April 2011

"Originality is dead"

This mental battle of thoughts was sparked when I saw a Glamour Kills hoody in Leeds

I can't but find it a little contradictory in itself though as it's an original design hah

My first thoughts were of trends and peoples views on them towards it's followers
and it took my back to my early-teens of being rather gothic and trying my best not to fit in

Looking back now, I hated this mind set so much, how stupid I was to not want to be judged
To not want to be labelled, yet I did it to other people all the time
As I've grown up I've realised just because something is popular or a trend
If you genuinelly like it, you shouldn't avoid it to try prove some silly point
In effect its as though people who do this are trying to claim to be more "original"
Because they dress "different" but to hate something for no reason other than you saw it
in the window of a Topshop... stop being so stuck up! How stupid

You can wear things on trend and still be unique or original from a crowd
It all boils down to how YOU wear it personally with YOUR own flair
and even these "Topshop clones" as I've heard them called, don't simply copy mannequins
They will wear a certain item in a way they see best, whether its casual or dressed up
Have you ever genuinely walked past a bunch of girls wearing the same outfit? No
A certain top or so could become popular and you might see it 20 times in one day
But chances are every single wearer will look different!!

I've personally felt some wrath of a person who went out of her way to do this thing
and because I grew out of me aforementioned teenage mindset
I was ridiculed for this, but I don't see how going out of your way to dislike something
For no legitimate reason some how makes you a better person than someones who does?
I wasn't doing it to try and fit in or anything, I just didn't want to dress the same way I did when I was 13

and I am a hell of a lot happier with how I look now even if I have piled on weight since then lol
I really do think it takes a lot more guts and personality to pull off a trendy item and make it yours

Of course Im not saying "LOVE EVERYTHING EVER!!!"
But I'm sure youre getting my jist here. hehe
I'm sure I have gone super off track and ranted here but
Is originality dead? Everythings be done before I suppose
I guess to an extent it is, unless... you just get creative and open your mind

Apologies if this is too ranty hehe