Wednesday, 6 April 2011

GETS ↑↑ and alpaca mania!

This post is gets GALORE! Seriously!
I apologise for the amount of pictures ahead hehe

Let's start with the little gifts my mum brought back from Egypt
She goes there quite often, it's her favourite holiday destination for sure

The first is a cute Toblerone cup!
Now sometimes Im not the sharpest knife in the drawer
So I really can't tell if she was pulling my leg about thinking the dog on top is a pug...
But regardles, its so cute!

She also got this Loreal travel set
I comes with 2 of the Million Lashes mascara and a Contour Kohl liner

The brush is crazy fat!
Thats it on the right! Fatty brush hehe
But it works really well, clump free and lasting ♥

I realised I hadn't posted these yet, but I wore them in London
I had wanted a pair of pants like this for a long time!
They were on sale at House of Fraser so I couldnt' resist

That JSG jumper! It's finally mine hehe
Even if the weather is now getting warmer, we have the odd cooler day
and I am so so SO happy that the wool is soft too ♥

This is another thing I got a bit ago and forgot to post (I think... have I posted it?)
A top from Glad News
Though their sizes are bumming me out a little, they tend to be tight in the wrong places
Or maybe its just because Westerns figures are "big in the right places"? Hahaha

TutuHA haul! I had this craving for a black cross necklace so I lurked Mbok
and the only way I could get one was in a set up with the hat and goggles
Which is why those are for sale haha
The chain on the cross is a lot heavier than I expected but I love it!!

And now... it is time... for...


Oh yes, I was lured in to an auction full of those lovely Alpaca!!

3 small...medium? Valentines edition

5 of the Macaron edition
Theyre smaller than the Valentines and have key chains

2 Mini ones in costume (YESSSS THE SAILOR!!!!)

This... giant sack one hahaha
The pink thing is a hard water container, use it as a way to keep warm in bed!

4 crazy beaded phone charms

and also in the pack was...
Some chipmunk, squirrel things! Haha

My initial idea was all "Yeahhh gonna sell them all and get paper!"
But omfg they're so freaking CUTE, I know I can't part with them all
Can you blame me really? Hehe