Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Cracking Nail Varnish Review ★

The product in this post was provided to me by Born Pretty Store
Though recquired to review for their website all opinions stated are my own

Product; Cracking nail varnish in Yellow

Cracking Nail Varnish is becoming very popular lately!
So I was very excited to try some, especially in a lovely bright colour
As so far in the UK I had not seen many coloured cracking nail varnishes
But don't worry, BPS are here to the rescuse and carry a whole range of colours

The nail varnish is quite thin compared to what I've used in the past
But it wasn't necessarily runnier because it wasn't thick

Heres the varnish just as I applied it...
Lovely and bright, this colour is great for the upcoming season!

It does take a little while to dry and for the cracking to begin
But it's not ridiculously long, it just dries as a normal polish time apposed to super fast
and instantly reacting. It's totally bareable and it's worth watching the effect
It's so cool to see the cracks forming

The cracks were hard to photograph as they were very fine, almost more shattered
It's hard to describe too just how different it looks in real life
There is a certain depth you can see from the cracks, it seems almost like a 3D effect
I tried my best to capture it in a picture but it's something only the eyes can see!

(I am going to try and replace the above photo ASAP, it doesnt show the product well enough)
Until then if you click it to see the larger version you can see more detail!

One tip I have to say is make sure you use a top coat with this varnish!
It will easily flake off without a top coat

Then I tried to get experimental!
and I used it on top of my Barry M hot pink...
Whilst on top of another colour the cracks are more defined and are bigger
Though the shade is strong it's still a little effected by the pink
I think using a paler pink underneath would have been better~

I also apologise for the messy paint job
I would have to run out of pads to use nail varnish remover with
on the day I review a nail varnish haha, thats just how things work sometime
But I hope I still gave a clear view on the product, if you think the pictures could be better
Please dont be afraid to let me know, and I can try to replace them

Colour; ★★★★☆
Very bright but can lose some quality depending on a base colour used

Dry time; ★★★☆☆
Average drying time, nothing too bad about it

Chip resistance; ★★☆☆☆
This could be product specific really because of the cracking effect
and the score is based on not using a top coat
To keep your nails chip free add a top coat for sure!

Nail stain resistance; ★★★★★
In the past yellow varnish has left me with horrible staining
But with this I had NONE and I didn't even use a base coat! I am so impressed ♥


♪ Cracking nail varnish is so fun, I'd reccomend it to everyone ♪