Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Circle lense review ★

The lenses in this post were provided to me by MukuCHU♥ circle lense store
Though recquired to review for their website all opinions stated are my own

Lense; EOS Tear Series Pink
This series is available in Plane and prescription to -10.00
Shelf life is 3 years with a usage length of up to 1 year
They are 14.00mm diameter

The lense is rather pale but has a very unique design!

Though 14.00mm diameter, there is a rather large clear ring on the outer side
So the lenses appearance will look smaller than 14.00mm

You can see here the enlargement effects from the clear outer edge
Compared to other lenses with this size they're visibly smaller
Though you can get a clear view here of the lense and what makes it unique

The Tear Series is not a block or ring of colour like a usual lense
It instead is coloured with small sections to give you a watery, tear like look
As though your eyes had a teary sparkle I suppose!

One in and one out, you can see they dont change my colour much
They just add an interesting accent to the eye!

Here are some pictures of them worn

When youre not super focussed in the lenses tend to look better
They give your eyes such an interesting look
On a side note; even though I am used to handling lenses often
These were so fiddly to get in, almost softer than usual!
It took me a while to get them in because I kept dropping them and having to clean them

Style; ★★★☆☆
Up close I am not so keen on the pattern of these lenses
However when I wore then they looked a lot better, they stir a lot of interest too

Comfort; ★★★★★
Perfectly comfortable, nothing irritating at all!

Enlarging effect; ☆☆☆☆☆
The englargement was very minimal, not at all bigger than my natural eyes

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