Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Making use of unwanted Christmas presents...

So this Christmas me and my friend Josh both got each other joke calendars
I got him one of Sir Cliff Richard and he got me, the foot man...

Personally, I think he is the ugliest man on the earth
and I found myself wondering... what can I do with this now?

Theres no way I want to hang it up and have to see his dirty face everyday

First thoughts, the hilarity that is "Unwanted Christmas presents" on eBay
It's so funny, there's wrapped presents from recently split couples and such hahaha
I couldn't be bothered to pay to list and ship it though!

So next simple idea... throw it away
But blast, my bin is too small!

So I could just graffitti every page?
Sure the calendar would be improved but I still have no need for it

Off I go to clean out my bunny Chanel

Then... inspiration hit us both!

Look how inspired she is... rofl

and here we have it! A use for my unwanted Christmas present

Something for her to pee on and/or nibble!

Though putting his face amongst her fresh cleaned cage
It made it feel instantly re-dirty hahaha

In reality whenever me or my family receive a present that we don't want
We put it to use again in the "recycle cupboard"
a handy cupboard full of last minute gifts should we need them
I'm happy to say nothing went into it this year though! It was a good Christmas haha