Friday, 29 October 2010

Circle lense review ★

This post is a review sponsored by...
mukuCHU ♥ circle lenses store

Lenses ; Love series in grey

I'd seen grey lenses on a few people and always liked the look
So I was thrilled to receive a pair myself ♪

Grey is a good colour for all natural eye colours in my opinion
From what I've seen it can compliment them all fairly well
It's also a good option to go for first if you'd like black lenses and want a trial
This way they're a little lighter and you can make a decision from there!

I need to make sure I'm timing my lense reviews better
Due to work It's harder to find the time, so I may review less than usual
But hopefully not!

Because of evening lighting I couldn't produce a non-flash image either
I also forgot my "one in, one out"
Forgive this review, hehe, I hope it still does the lenses justice!

I seem to have a Talladega Nights style hand problem here lol (video)

Even though I can't provide a non-flash
This image is rather true to life, at first I wasn't sure how well the suited
But once I had my make up on etc I was certainly liking them more

I did have a little discomfort with these, entirely at my own fault
When putting the lenses into their case I'd had one sitting inside out
Luckily I noticed before I put it in, but it did make it uncomfortable for a while
So please make sure you are storing them properly for the best usage ♥

Want a pair?
Please mention you found them through my blog
and if you have any questions feel free to comment and ask
Or e-mail them directly, they are fast at replying and very helpful ♥

To all my American readers, MukuCHU has resumed shipping to you!
Also, don't forget to purchase a pretty case for your lenses
It allows you a coupon to enter into the monthly competition

The competition prizes are;
One pair of GEO lenses (plano or prescription)
One pair of EOS lenses (plano or prescription)
anddd, 2 Pretty lens cases for them!

But if you're simply looking for a bargain, check the Clearance centre

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Rule breaking; Lip colour

Lip colour has been one of the most recent Gal debates
and when it comes to "This/that is not Gal" well the best place for 'evidence' is the mags
Whilst for a while it may have been apparently true
Since most models and Gals themselves prefer a nude or pale lip

The backlash of lip colour has begun!

(Please forgive me, I don't remember where these scans are from!)

When the dispute arose I was so, so confused that something like this was happening
It's make up after all and I always thought the main focus was on the eyes
Change is a great thing and I hope my Rule Breaking can show that

I also think the warmth it brings is perfect for fall
Using bronzers and red tones of blush will really keep a nice feel to your look
and it will certainly suit Nordic more than a pale pink lip and orange blush (In my opinion)

I don't think it should take much confidence to take on this rule break
and I think some of hyou already do! So keep on rocking ★

and to all the girls who disputed the red lip, what do you make of this?

Whilst is would probably not catch on so easily I think the model rocks it
and I love that it's a gloss for a bit more edge
Though in the Western world I know I couldn't pull this off, not without verbal abuse!
But I think it would be great for Mode or Military styles
Are you brave enough? If so, work it girl ♥

Monday, 25 October 2010

Just a bit of life for you ♪

Hello blog world! ヾ(。´┏з┓`)ノ
When I am busy with work etc, I miss you dearly
Even when it's only a few days by the time I come back theres so much to read
and I want to make sure I get my fair share of posts in for you too

I surpassed 155 followers recently too ★ WOOHOO
The money from my Google Ad's hasnt amounted to a lot
But whatever comes from it will go to a giveaway once I reach 200 followers
I've already some prize ideas in mind and I hope I can make it worthwhile

This morning I was greeted by something lovely in the post!

A 3D Halloween card (everything is 3D these days huh?!)
But it was from my Japanese penpal Chinami, we lost touch a few years ago
and we don't write that often anymore so it was so lovely to receive this ♥
I replied straight away haha, I'm sending it asap hehe

I recently got my iPool from MukuCHU too (along with some lenses I will review soon!)
It's a cleaning device for lenses, as I don't trust myself rubbing them etc
Theres a video about it on their page here, and whilst not in use, it's cute to look at!

I'm glad you all like my new hair too
Thanks so much for your lovely comments ♥
As promised heres some better pictures...

I took them when I got ready for a party (it was with my boyfriends family)
and was also the first time I wore lenses for a decent amount of time
No hassle at all and I didnt seem to get many weird looks, only compliments about them
So I'm feeling a lot better about wearing them more often hehe
Now if only I can learn how to apply lashes without ripping out my own...

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Dying my hair; step three!

So, I've (hopefully not) bored you with my tales of bleaching
Now let's get on to some actual hair dye!!

Seeing how light it had gone, I so wanted to try go Orange again
Being a semi-permanent dye I thought I'd use that then dye with the Ruby Red at a later date
But BeeUnique has been closed for maintenance and Sally's was out of stock
So, money saved and I used the dye I already had (I bought all this ages ago lol)

Schwarzkopf Palette in Ruby Red

After being failed time and time again by Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL
I decided it was time to move onto a different type, and though by the same brand so far so good!

When I mixed it, it was a pale red/orange and then while developing...
Well, I realised just how vibrant this thing was turning!!
For a while I thought it was just going to go orange, but the instructions did say ignore this colour
as it will be different than the actual dye job

But oh well, it's still pretty awesome!!
Excuse me here, I was getting ready for work

Check out my epic uniform clash
Sexy sexy ♥ rofl

I'll get some better pictures soon! Hard to look good with a fringe covering your eyes lol

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Dying my hair; step two!

You can view the first step posted earlier today, here
I was going to keep them a day apart but I've work and partying to do lol

So, feeling my hair wasn't light enough to take a dye and do it justice
I needed another bleaching sessions, this time with a different one

Garnier Belle Colour pre-lightener

Whilst I can't say which of the bleaches did a better job
as one had more to do than the other, but I can say I preferred this one!

The dye seemed to generally go further and was easier to see when applying so I didnt need help
and whilst it did dry, again Im sure from the powder, it was no way near as bad as the other one

During the first half of the application
You can see it has seperated into sections, this is how it dries up
Twig like, but as I said no where near as bad as before!!
and it didnt hurt at all when I was seperating it up for my root application

So I had plenty left for my roots, after applying it to them
I just slapped on the rest whereever I could...
Very creamy!
As you can see, it did seem to stretch a lot further or was at least visibily better
Seeing the product on your head like this makes you more at ease that it's there
Even though it was on my roots and not all my roots had bleached I had not real sense of burning
No discomfort at all really

and the results...

The pictures don't really do it justice, it was so light and bright!
My dad came home from work and could see me sat in the house haha
Very much bright enough to take a vibrant dye...

But you'll have to wait for that, it's all done but in need of photographing
Tomorrow brings the final result, hope you're exctied lol (^_-)☆wink

Dying my hair; step one!

If you've been checking my tweets lately, you will have heard I've been dying my hair!
The 2 day, 3 step process has been a journey and finally coming to an end
so I thought I'd get started on blogging about it!

So here I am before, I took this a few week ago
and whilst my hair had lightened it was only very slight
The red was only noticable in intense lighting and it moslty looked very, very dark!

So "NO!" I say, I wanted my hair light and bright... this I shall have
and I storm to Tesco to buy a pre-lightener
Garnier Nutrisse, truely blonde creme pre-lightener

Then I lost the instructions lol, but after finding some I was ready to go
If you ever want to use this stuff, please read your instructions 100%
It's bleach after all, packaged in a nice box that does say "OMFG BURN!!!" on it lol

I tried to do it by myself but to be honest I couldnt see where I'd put the stuff
It was mostly clear during the first half of application so I was really lost
and even with our bathrooms moveable mirrors I couldnt see what I was doing
So I had to get my mum to help out

Also when applied it dried fast and made my hair hard
I guess this is because some of the dye is made up by using powder

For the forst 30mins you don't apply it to your roots
and when it came to do this I couldn't see much going on and was worried
when it came to doing my roots... PAIN
The hair was so dry, were talking horrible straw like
seperating it apart to apply the rest of the lightener on to my roots was horrible

Here I am during the process after it had been applied to my roots
You can see the solution was staying a lot more creamier looking now so was more visible

It was taking to my natural hair colour at my roots really quickly
and I had the expected bleach tingles, I can tolerate this from experience
But it can be uncomfortable for anyone who hasn't used bleach before

and in the end, I was left with this...

Of course I didn't expect it to come out blonde lol
But I aslo didn't really expect stripes either...

and all this, before I had to work
So I couldn't even hide away lol I had to face the public with this
Luckily people didn't think it was too bad and I thank dim cinema lights for this lol

But obviously, this isn't light enough!
My quest continues....

Monday, 18 October 2010

GETS ↑↑ for my 100th post!!

Long time no non WC gets hehehe
Since I've got these over a period of a few weeks theres no group shot

First up, I got me these...
Do I even need to tell you what they are?
Incase I do, they're Mac #7 eyelashes one of there most popular designs
I haven't worn them properly yet, just tried out and I love the way they look!
Also I noticed this on the back... so they were part of a multipack?
I got them on eBay, it was around £9 including postage

Then, since H&M launched their UK online store (FINALLY)
I could get myself this H&M leopard cardigan
I had seen it instore and liked it but never bought it
and then Wakana sold it to me haha (^_-)☆wink

Here's my stuff from the Body Shop
I only bought the body scrub, the smaller tub is a freebie!
It's of the melon body butter, it smells so so so nice, like all their butters to be fair hah
But damn, I need to start getting my Body Shop's in the same scent
I smell like a medley when I'm done with it all

and now for some Barry M
I've been really wanting to improve my eye make up
and I thought the black would be good as would the browns for maybe contouring
However, I didn't realise just how shimmering these were... TOO shimmering lol
I didn't post any examples, but I feel theres more shimmer than colour to them
and since they were like £5 each, then I'm a bit annoyed!!
So, I'm very much wanting to hear your favourite eye shadows and reccomendations

Oh and that nail polish? No, it's not an ordinary nail polish at all hehe
Did you see Hana's recent Canmake post?
Well this is Barry M's taking on cracking nail polish with their Instant Effects
at the moment it's only in black and heres what it looks like
when you quickly slap it on for a blog lol
Tried it over some pink too and it looks lovely!
Shame I can't wear a lot of nail polish anymore because of work though

and also a more gyaru gets...
GLAD NEWS Mickey Mouse bag!
It arrived today, om nom
Though, being poor, I'm feeling regretful about buying it (*TдT*)
Let's hope I can get some good usage from it and make me feel better!

Happy 100th post to me ヾ(。´┏з┓`)ノ
I hope you are all enjoying my blog, I feel it lacks something, I don't know what
But maybe we can firgure it out before I write another 100 entries?! Hehe
If there's anything you'd like to see from me, just let me know~
Thank you so much for reading/following ♥

Sunday, 17 October 2010

What I wore ★

What I wore ★
When; 14/10/2010
Why; Little shop around town and a meal out

Top; WC
Pants; ...I forget!
Boots; Internacionale

Necklace; Vivienne Westwood

Ring and Bracelet; Vivienne Westwood

Bag; Dorothy Perkins
bad picture, not that you don't see it enough lol

and here I an in the resturaunt toilets haha

I wore my WC coat too and was going to wear my bowler hat
But the hood is too big and kept knocking it up at the back

I also bought a few bits, so keep an eye out for a Gets post soon
My hair is fading/looking more red too which is good
...still want to dye it though lol

Friday, 15 October 2010

★ Rule breaking inspiration series ★ Creative Personal Style

Like most fashions, Gal has it's own sub categories
and when you start getting into it, you're urged to pick one to follow
Whilst this is very good for a beginning in terms of practise and so forth
You don't want to just stick to mimmicking one style do you?

Well, in the 5th and final part of the Rule Breaking Inspiration
Let's look at some creative personal style in Gal!

Firstly, it isn't even limited to an outfit, Kaoru makes her shoes stand out

She got these Chanel boots on her Birthday, they are so her style
and I really want to see her wearing them!

Adore these Nikes, very unique!!

Kaoru with her daughter, both sporting bright prints

Clashing and interesting styles, something Kaoru has brought to galaxxxy

She even turned up to a friends wedding dressed at Mickey Mouse
Now that, is some creative personal style!
Not a chance anyone else would be wearing the same thing hah

Chinatsu is never one to displease with her own take on fashion
and like Kaoru, here is doing it via her unique shoes

I believe this was for her other clothing line, which too was very unique

Galaxxy is definetly a store for you to hit up for pieces to make your wardrobe unique

A W♥C staff chan in an experimental outfit
I particularly noted this for the flat loafer style shoes!

When it comes to fashion, I've always been hung up about trying to be unique
I've always got to have things that are hard to get and I will obsess about them
Even if going all out like these girls isn't for you, always strive to be unique ♥

Thursday, 14 October 2010

★ Rule breaking inspiration series ★ Casual Gal

One thing that goes hand-in-hand with Gal
is that it's not really something for the casual
the style and look takes time and certainly practise

So, can casual Gal style possibly exsist?
I have a blog of pictures to prove to you it can (^_-)☆wink

Dear leopard W♥C sneakers; GET IN MY LIFE.

Such a chunky knit is perfect for this season!

You may have noticed that W♥C has played a key role here
and recently I've noticed people saying they actually don't like W♥C products
it makes me wonder if it's because of how casual they can be

Personally I don't think it's a bad thing, if I was ever Gal, I'm certainly a casual one haha
It's not to be confused with laziness, time has still been taken into the appearance of these outfits
They are just comfortable and certainly not as "garish" as other styles I've inspired you with this week
So perfect for days when you are going somewhere and feel that Romantic Rock for instance, would be over dressed

If you're not comfortable wearing something, it's going to show
So don't be a slave to a style you think you have to wear, and get casual!

I just added DISQUS to my blog
Unfortunatly this means all previous comments have been removed
It's not something I'm happy with, but a 'sacrifice' needed in order to reply to future comments
I really enjoy replying but found it difficult to keep up without a widget to do so
I appreciate everything you've wrote and read it all, now I can get chatting too ★

Oh, and you can sign in to it using Twitter etc too incase you don't have a disqus account!