Friday, 25 June 2010

Candy drops, grades, holidays and usamimi

First of all, thank you very much to Tom and Sakie from Exotic Japan
as today I received your Candy drops prize!
Here they are with my maid cafe picture, the tears are rolling haha
The candies are so delicious!

Another post arrival is my usamimi
Webcam picture as I am so so so so busy packing for my holiday!
But today started on a high as I passed my repeat first year at Uni
I am much more satisfied with this years grades and I hope I can tackle second year

This is also a post to mention my HIATUS!
as I doubt I will be able to blog before I leave for Egypt this Sunday morning
Picture taken by my brother of a beach in Egypt

It's my first time in Egypt and the the 5th for my family hehe
But the first time they will see the Pyramids, I can't wait!
After we return is my boyfriend's 21st too, so I will be very busy
I should see you all again by July 11th

If theres anything you wish to share with me, blogs, post's anything
Feel free to link them to me in this entry!

*゚Д゚)*゚∀゚)*゚ω゚)ノ~★☆SEE YOU SOON☆★~ヽ(゚ω゚*(゚∀゚*(゚Д゚* )
I should have a rule breaking entry upon my return for you all well as an epic tan! hehehe

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Skin care...

Bloomzy recently posted her skin care reccomendations and I thought I would too
Though it might seem boring, just imitating a blog post
I thought it might be interesting for those who like me have oily, combination skin

Let's start with some cleaning!
Clean & clear deep cleansing lotion
I always buy it for sensitive skin, if not it seems to burn me ever so slightly!
I use this everday, when I wake up, when I go to sleep and ehenver I feel the need to clean in the day
Don't use this to remove your eye make up, it will hurt a lot

But for serious cleaning, I have to use
Garnier clean detox
A total god send for oily skin, it just washes it all away
I use this whenever I shower, turning the water to cool to help close pores
I also use it to remove my make up, its nice and foamy and gentle too

For scrubbing action...
St Ives Apricot scrub
For blemish control as well as oily/combination skin
I discovered this when I moved to Uni as the hard water was messing my skin
You only need to use the smallest pea amount for a good scrub
Though I've yet to smell the apricots...

To moisturise...
Olay 7 signs of aging
Not because I'm worried about wrinkles
It's a lovely light moisturiser for your face
Though if oily like me, I suggest patting excess off with a towel after application

and now I'd like to quickly reccomend 2 products to you!!
The first being roll ons by Garnier
The green is a caffiene eye roll on for eye bags
The blue is for spots and blemishes
Both work amazing well and are worth the money, they may look small but they are might
I don't know about Bloomzy but my eye roll on seems to be lasting forever
Especially to say I use it when ever I can!
The blue roll on is a miracle, roll it on your spot and the next morning it will be invisible!

The second reccomendation is body butter from The Body shop
I recently bought Rasperry in the sale for £5 (Usually £12.50)
So if you like these product, don't miss out on the sale!
I was using a Happy Bath day body moisturiser but it seemed more focused on scent
Where as The Body shop's offer a balance of moisture and yummy scents!

Do you use any of these products?

I'd also now like to link to Elanor Zine
Just incase you managed to miss it (^_-)☆wink

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

An odd diet tip...

I recently read this from Sushi-cat
Who scanned a magazine featuring an odd diet tip
...Blue. Yes, Blue!

Apparently blue is a naturally unappetising colour
So my eating from blue cutlery, wear blue shades or even eating blue dyed food
Can help you reduce your food intake on a diet!

Such an intersting method, I'm not sure if I would try
Though Jenny tried a method of changing her work's computer background to blue to help
She doesn't think it has worked, but maybe this can reduce desk snacking?

Do you have any crazy diet tips?
When it get's to Summer we all want to be healthier it seems
I have been bad with my diet and with my allergies too, I have a lot of motivation to stop!
Today I managed to resist a chocolate craving and instead had this
Sorry for the blackberry picture
Strawberries in a Alpro Soya dessert
Using the soya can be a better option than cream
and it sort of tastes like custard, yummy ♥

For my lunch I had a Jacket potato with salad
and for my evening meal I plan vegetable Japanese curry
Om nom nom (●・ω・●)

I would also reccomend the Calorie calculator
Enter your weight and height, and the weight you would like to acheive
It explains how many calories you should have each day
and also rather usfully, how many you can have without exercise!
I really like this, because I am lazy hehehe

Whilst I'm here, I want to quickly share Rebecca's hair bow tutorial
Great work lady, I was very grateful for this!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Temporary tattoo's, from chic to cheap...

For their Spring-Summer 2010 collection Chanel released "Temporary Skin Art"
In the form of pearlescent chains and of course, their logo

Available for $75, not worthy in my eyes
For that amount, I'd rather have an actual Chanel tattoo hah
But anyway, my point is...

To coincide with my recent Topshop entry
they saw this Chanel release and decided to have a go
Unfortunatly with some pretty poor designs, here's an example
They have tried to keep the same feel as Chanel's
with the chains, birds and even the droplet style designs
However towards the top, the two droplets on the left and the dark hearts, look like earrings
I wonder if this was their intention and you wear them on your ears?!
Thankfully Topshops price range is from £4 - £6.50
but I think I chose one of the nicer designs to show
You can see the rest of them by looking here

I can't say I like this attempt at a trend
I say attempt because I can't see it taking off myself
Will you be wearing temporary skin art this season?

It also seem's shipping from Chanel US is free until 23:59 on the 20th
So if you're lucky enough to be able to purchase an item, this could be a little saving for you ♪

Friday, 18 June 2010

Such a good day ★

Let's strip some hair dye shall we?

A few months ago I dyed my hair dark by accident and I disliked it
Especially with warmer weather, one has a natural urge to have lighter hair!
So this week, enough was enough and I decided to strip the dye away

To do this, I bought Elimin8 from my local Sally's
It's around £20, though they reccomend a bunch of stuff to you
Luckily we still had these from when I used it a few year ago!

Here is my hair coloure before
I had originally been using a plum dye and accidentally bought a blackish purple
Luckily it faded out into a nice red shde, but I still wanted it gone

and here I am during
They recommdend you buy a plastic cap, but supermakret bags work so save your cash!

and here are the results!!!
Rather shocking!!
The product is supposed to remove the dye back to your original hair colour
But somehow my hair has become lighter than this
Not that I am complaining at all, I wanted it lighter afterall and this saves bleaching
I have already bought my hair dye and I will leave it a surprise for you all hehe

One big downside to this product...
Have you ever had a car drive by and it smell of, eggs?
Because your hair tends to smell like that for a few weeks after using it haha

But the good times didn't stop there
This morning I received a pack of freebies from Lactofree
A company who make dairy free products, they also sent me vouchers for more free products!
Then my mum gave me a Costa Coffee card she had received which had £6 to spend on it
and I also received an email from Thomas and Sakie at Exotic Japan
Many thanks to them, bbecause I won a tin of Moe Maid Cafe candy in their giveaway!
Please be sure to check out their beautiful blog ♥

and if all this wasn't goo enough, my boyfriend returns from holiday tomorrow
Then next Sunday, I myself go on holiday to Egypt

Let the good times roll
♪〜(* ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ε ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄*)イエイ♪

Thursday, 17 June 2010

NO, Topshop, NO!

Disclaimer; I simply adore Topshop
But heck, not everyone can get it right 100% of the time
So here are some of my Topshop woes of things they need to stop making
and please replace with usual nice items ♥

I have never been a fan of inner wear as outer wear, so body suits are again just NO
They confuse me too, do you wear under wear along with these?!
I've thankfully only ever seen one girl in a night club in one of these
and the girl, I'd seen her before and she's got style plus she's gorgeous
But I did not need to see this riding high above your shorts, it just looked plain silly
I'd much rather you tucked in a vest top thank you very much

It's hardly an appealing print anyhow

Please don't say I'm the only one who thinks these have to go?
Sure they can flatter some people, but others no
and it's a sure fire way to make people feel self concious too
"I can't wear crop tops because I'm too fat" --- This is not what you want Topshop!

The sleeveless-ness of this top is unflattering
With a rather poor print too, it seems badly done
This crop top just takes the biscuit in my opinion, why oh why?!

Don't get me wrong, I love lace but Topshop are over doing it
and, doing it wrong
I find myself wondering that maybe these might look better worn
But I'd never want to try them out, the concept really baffles me! I have to coment? I actually laughed when I saw these
Whilst they could perhaps be nice to wear on a beach over swim wear
Who would want to wear lace to the beach?

and how about a matching crop top?

I'm not sure what they were going for here, if it wasn't damned enough
It's a crop top also! Aghhhh

Now when it comes to fashion, I am fine with prices so long as the quality reflects it
But this...

is a fabric head band with studs, and I'm sure I could make more than one for less that £10!

Rather a negative entry but I hope you enjoyed my ramblings
If you like this topic be sure to check out Bloomzy's "What were they thinking?"

I've also been tinkering with my layout, I hope you like it ♪

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Belated introduction...

It literally just crossed my mind that I've never really intoduced myself before
and whilst some of you know me already, I may be still a stranger to others
So here goes!

So my name is Sami and I've been known as Samispoon my entire online 'life'
I have always been interested in fashion and love many many styles
Growing up I was always very alternative and so I'm very open to things
However now I'm 'grown up' and more feminine, this leaves me with odd music taste lol

I'm 20, nearly 21 and I live in the North of England
I attend the same University as blogger Bloomzy, where I also study Japanese
I also study the Asia Pacific region, culture and history
I've also studied Chinese and British Sign Language whilst at Uni
I'd like to work in an airport, doing what? I don't care, I just love airports ♥

I made this blog when I realised I had a bokmark folder full of your blogs
Though my post's are usually influenced by Gyaru style (as this is my current fave!)
They will always sway through other topics too
Especially as I try to develop into my own self assured comfortable fashion style!

and what else?...
I have lot's of pets, they might appear too!

If you want to be nosey there's always my FormSpring

Comment problems fixed!

Just to quickly say I removed the add on I had for comments
As it wasn't loading or working properly
There isn't much point having a feature to reply to comments with
If people can't write them in the first place

Unfortunatly that means comments left via the add on
Were automatically removed, sorry girls!
But all comments are appreciated always ♥

I'll be posting sometime soon with a topic of things I want Topshop to stop making!

Whilst I'm here I want to introduce one of my favourite girlies
Eri has just started ; ダイヤモンド★DЯEAM
and I hope she will have lovely things to post for you!
She is a deco master, seriously! (★´∀`★)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

What I wore ★ (and eBay gal deals!)

What I wore ★
When; 15/6/2010
Why; Going to the hospital

Outer; BANK
Top; River Island
Jeggings; ASDA
Shoes; Internacionale
Necklace; Vivienne Westwood
Ring; Matalan

Bag; Dorothy Perkins
Scarf; Miss Selfridge

One day, I will figure out a way to post decent outfit pictures lol
I didn't have much time today as I had to run out for my appointment
I also bought some Elimin8 to remove my hair dye
I've done it before and it was a success so I can't wait
More on that another time...

So, amongst my friends I am nicknamed the Queen of eBay
and boy do I know how to hunt on there!
Here's 2 recent finds I thought I would share with you...

Dolly wink lashes
The listing is for 2 pairs and glue for less than $20!
Though I do wonder if they are including the lashes together in the case
or whether it's a matter of having 2 sets...
So I apologise if I have got this wrong (⌒▽⌒;)

Usamimi anyone?
They're a HOTHOTHOT trend this season
and not easy to come across outside of Japan other than American Apparel
Who only stock plain colours, so why not pay less and have the choice of 60?
I just bought #19, the pale denim ♥

Monday, 14 June 2010


Let's talk about deco!
What is deco? Surely you know?! hehe
It's all about Decorating, formally exclusive to phones
It's now common place to pretty much deco anything you can
and it's HUGE in Japan, especially amongst Gals ★

Whilst I'm not an expert, I have made my own attempts
and not so long ago I was asked to share them, so here we go!

My Video iPod, which is slow work in progress
The front is complete, along with a crown I bought from Chiara in 109
However the back is full of tiny stones, so so long!

This was the first major deco project I took on, my old phone
It took a while as I ordered everything from Strapya

This is my glasses case! Deco knows no bounds

My latest complete of a DSlite case

However, if sitting for hours or even days isn't your thing
Then don't worry, deco is easily available to buy!

My rather dirty mouse, from eBay

My new Blackberry case, also from eBay

My DSlite case from Don Quijote in Roppingi

As for things I would like to deco...
My wasabi green camera, lilac PSP3000 and... my mirror!
But, it may be a while before I can start these (⌒▽⌒;)
Want to see and here more? Here's some links for you...
Violet's deco tag
My Tumblr's deco tag
Universal Doll's deco tag
My deco fan page on Facebook

Have you deco'd? Be sure to share!
and whilst were at it, why not join my fanpage for W♥C?

I also have installed that rather nifty comment widget
So I can actually reply to comments now!
I hope it works, please let me know if it doesn't through a previous entry

Thank you!

I feel like a doofus at the moment
I told everyone how my laptop had died
and it turned out the charger had unplugged
How embarrassing!
However, it is still a tad broken in another way (⌒▽⌒;)

I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments
in my latest post about Make up
and I think I will begin undergoing a メイクチェン -- Make up change!
It's nerving but I am excited and I can't wait to try new things
The best part is how supportive my boyfriend is
I told him I wanted Dolly Wink lashes
but I couldn't really afford them yet and he was all
"Oh no, but you need them to complete the look!" hehe ♥

Whilst my laptop is alive I may get started on some post's
Until then, feel free to browse my Tumblr and let me know yours! ★
Or if you want to get to know me better, ask whatever on FormSpring

Friday, 11 June 2010

My gal issues...

When it comes to Gal, I have one SUPER issue
Make up.
It's also one of the most key aspects to the style

It doesn't really help that I'm hardly make up savvy
It's literally only in the past few month I've begun to wear mascara
My make up collection is sure hindering me too...
I'm sure most girls below 10 have a wider selection haha
There is literally just;
eyeliner pencils, an eyeshadow stick, mac gel liner and foundation
Nothing else, am I missing something? lol

So how do I wear my make up?
I haven't even applied any lately as I've been busy working from home
So I hope these pictures are good enough...
I don't tend to have flicks at the end nor do I wear false lashes often
Why not? ....confidence, and a sheer lack of it!
I've worn eyeliner in the same way for a very long time
I'd feel nervous to try experiment with anything, which is rather silly
Whilst at Uni, I have more confidence because I hang out with girls
But when I'm at home, like I will be until Sept I tend to be shy
Because I hang around with boys who tend to shoot me down a lot
Even if it is intended as a joke (which it is!) it's still a knocked to the ol' confidence!
So I'm very scared to try new things!

As for make up I like...
I seem to love heavy eyes and nude lips ♥

This tutortial from Egg Beauty helped lift my confidence a little
But they used MAC, right now I can't afford it
Do any of you wear a nude lip? Can you recommend a product? ♪
What about lipgloss? I associate it with being a sticky mess
I'm sure the boyfriend won't enjoy being kissed with that haha
It makes me wonder, how resistant is this look?
Oh, and how often to you wear false lashes and circle lenses?
Are they part of your everyday wear?

Any make up tips, tutortials, pictures, anything that you wish to share
is more than welcome and I appreciate your comments ★
Sorry for all the questions hehehe

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Why I love Primark and you should too ♥

Primark is a hugely popular store in the UK, there's 136 to be exact!
It's a place of value and has recently begun to spread into the EU
with 14 stores in Spain, 2 in Germany, 1 in the Netherlands, 2 in Portugal and 1 in Belgium
You can use their EU store locator here!

As a student, I love to shop here and you may see from my
"What I wore" that it often slips into my outfits

But one HUGE thing I love about this store is...

Can you believe each pair is only £1?!
Recently I saw the floral ones featured in a magazine
They where exactly the same but from another brand and... £14!

If you have a store near you need to check it out
or if you ever see someone wearing a Primark item you like
Don't be shy to ask them to ship one over to you
(It's so cheap, I'm sure anyone would be more than happy to help out!)
It's so unfortunate they don't have a webstore!

Coming soon on this blog...

Deco, what I've done and what I want to do next
My Gal fears and what's holding me back!
Temporary tattoos, from chic to cheap
Music and its relation to fashion

Monday, 7 June 2010

What I wore ★

What I wore ★
When; 5/6/2010
Why; Staying at my boyfriends house and nomming way too much

Outer; Bershka
Top; Primark
Shorts; Topshop
(switched for Jeggings due to upcoming wax appointment haha)
Shoes; Internacionale
Necklace; Primark
Sunglasses; Primark

Lol face...

Bag; Vivienne Westwood
Washbag; Vivienne Westwood

What I wore ★
When; 6/6/2010
Why; Lounging around my boyfriends house and nomming way too much

Blouse; Dorothy Perkins
Top; Dorothy Perkins
Jeggings; Asda
I love ridiculous, thick and fluffy socks ♥

I'm saving my blogging for next week
All my friends are going away so I will need something to do hehe