Saturday, 13 November 2010


The time has come for マカロン★dreaming's first give away!
So what is this for? Reaching 200 followers (nearly hehe)
Due to impatience and upcoming Christmas post delays,
this is now a "reaching 200 followers" giveaway (^_-)☆wink
and what will you win? The following prizes...

W♥C S/S 2010 catalogue and carrier bag
Some extra's from all my ordering hehe

W♥C socks!
Perfect for cute styles and for moisturising in

Dolly Wink eyelash storage case
A bit of Tsubasa love for my bloggers!

Canmake blush in lollipop pink
As reviewed and highly recommended by the lovely Bloomzy

Oil blotting paper from Japan by Kose
These are such a handbag essential and come in a zebra case!

and a few extra small goodies ♥♥♥

Be a public follower of this blog
Post a comment with your name and email address - 1 entry
Post a promotion for this give away on Twitter and comment with your name and link - 1 entry
Post a blog promoting this give away and comment with your name and link - 1 entry
Post the Kumatan/giveaway image on Tumblr with a link to this entry
comment with your name and the link - 1 entry

Please post your links as seperate comments to help keep things simple/organised
You will not gain extra entries for promoting more than once
(ie/ only the first promotion can gain an entry, if you post again on the same site no extra entry)

When will the giveaway close? November 30th ♥
The winner will be chosen via a random number generator

I hope that is all clear and the best of luck to you all ♪