Sunday, 17 October 2010

What I wore ★

What I wore ★
When; 14/10/2010
Why; Little shop around town and a meal out

Top; WC
Pants; ...I forget!
Boots; Internacionale

Necklace; Vivienne Westwood

Ring and Bracelet; Vivienne Westwood

Bag; Dorothy Perkins
bad picture, not that you don't see it enough lol

and here I an in the resturaunt toilets haha

I wore my WC coat too and was going to wear my bowler hat
But the hood is too big and kept knocking it up at the back

I also bought a few bits, so keep an eye out for a Gets post soon
My hair is fading/looking more red too which is good
...still want to dye it though lol