Thursday, 28 October 2010

Rule breaking; Lip colour

Lip colour has been one of the most recent Gal debates
and when it comes to "This/that is not Gal" well the best place for 'evidence' is the mags
Whilst for a while it may have been apparently true
Since most models and Gals themselves prefer a nude or pale lip

The backlash of lip colour has begun!

(Please forgive me, I don't remember where these scans are from!)

When the dispute arose I was so, so confused that something like this was happening
It's make up after all and I always thought the main focus was on the eyes
Change is a great thing and I hope my Rule Breaking can show that

I also think the warmth it brings is perfect for fall
Using bronzers and red tones of blush will really keep a nice feel to your look
and it will certainly suit Nordic more than a pale pink lip and orange blush (In my opinion)

I don't think it should take much confidence to take on this rule break
and I think some of hyou already do! So keep on rocking ★

and to all the girls who disputed the red lip, what do you make of this?

Whilst is would probably not catch on so easily I think the model rocks it
and I love that it's a gloss for a bit more edge
Though in the Western world I know I couldn't pull this off, not without verbal abuse!
But I think it would be great for Mode or Military styles
Are you brave enough? If so, work it girl ♥