Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Personal time...

Hello everyone!
Time for a little personal entry
So you don't think my life is just about shopping, W♥C and lenses hah

Last night I went for a work induction for my new job
It's in a local Cinema and the uniform especially is oh so un-glamorous
But heck, I know people who have been looking for work for years
To find and be accepted for a job in 3 weeks of looking, I can't say no to that!

I learnt a lot, like catching someone trying to film the film earns me £1,000
Popcorn is made and then stored for 3 days before being used, eww lol
Only managers have access to the Pick n mix store room (drat!)
I get to see films before they are released, and to see them for free
In 3 months time I can get a card allowing me to bring a friend for free
the card also get's me 40% off consessions OM NOM
Oh and cash is delivered to departments via Futurama-esqe tubes!!

But also that there's not real emergency exits for wheelchair users
and they they are to be left in a fire proof corridoor within the building during an alarm
It just seems to go against EVERY human right ever!

I've another talk tonight which I think might be taking more than 4 hours
The cinema is open so late, which is good because I don't like getting up early haha

Working a full time job is nerve wracking for me, I've only ever worked part time
and I also haven't worked for a few years since my job at Gamestation
Scary customer times ahoy!!! (●´△`)ノ
I hope it won't effect my blogging too much, but I'm sure when I first start it will
Until I can get used to it
But also wearing a uniform a lot will make me want to push my own style
Whenever I can wear my own clothes, so we can all look foward to that
and I'm also allowed to wear full makeup, yessss ♪

and to all those shocked my W♥C haul has reached 4 parts
...it's not even finished yet! haha


さらまり said...

Congratulations on getting a job! I just applied to job last night, I need to be serious about it too ><

Working at a movie theater is extremely boring/tiring, trust me I know because I worked at one during High School haha! I say boring/tiring because there are really low times with no customers, then they all come at once and you get overloaded haha!

But I have to say, the way your theater makes and stores popcorn for 3 days is disgusting... Theaters here make it fresh, and I'm really sure by 3 days it's close to being completely stale DX And how rude they are not to give you free concessions and friend's ticket off the bat. I don't think I could have lasted all that time at a theater unless I gots ma soda for free haha!

xo.- R said...

The free movies before they come out is awesome. I work at a movie rental store and we get to do that too. Definately makes the job worth it.

teeteringtoes said...

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Tori said...

Awe,congratulations on getting a job~! ♥ I'm sure you will do awesome~ of course starting a new job is always a little nerve-wracking at first, but I'm confident you will get the hang of it quick & have fun at it since I always thought it sounded fun to work at a movie theatre, haha!

Jenny said...

Yay working girl!! You guys get an award for catching people filming!? That's pretty awesome and I never thought of that as part of something theaters have to do! Interesting XD