Thursday, 21 October 2010

Dying my hair; step one!

If you've been checking my tweets lately, you will have heard I've been dying my hair!
The 2 day, 3 step process has been a journey and finally coming to an end
so I thought I'd get started on blogging about it!

So here I am before, I took this a few week ago
and whilst my hair had lightened it was only very slight
The red was only noticable in intense lighting and it moslty looked very, very dark!

So "NO!" I say, I wanted my hair light and bright... this I shall have
and I storm to Tesco to buy a pre-lightener
Garnier Nutrisse, truely blonde creme pre-lightener

Then I lost the instructions lol, but after finding some I was ready to go
If you ever want to use this stuff, please read your instructions 100%
It's bleach after all, packaged in a nice box that does say "OMFG BURN!!!" on it lol

I tried to do it by myself but to be honest I couldnt see where I'd put the stuff
It was mostly clear during the first half of application so I was really lost
and even with our bathrooms moveable mirrors I couldnt see what I was doing
So I had to get my mum to help out

Also when applied it dried fast and made my hair hard
I guess this is because some of the dye is made up by using powder

For the forst 30mins you don't apply it to your roots
and when it came to do this I couldn't see much going on and was worried
when it came to doing my roots... PAIN
The hair was so dry, were talking horrible straw like
seperating it apart to apply the rest of the lightener on to my roots was horrible

Here I am during the process after it had been applied to my roots
You can see the solution was staying a lot more creamier looking now so was more visible

It was taking to my natural hair colour at my roots really quickly
and I had the expected bleach tingles, I can tolerate this from experience
But it can be uncomfortable for anyone who hasn't used bleach before

and in the end, I was left with this...

Of course I didn't expect it to come out blonde lol
But I aslo didn't really expect stripes either...

and all this, before I had to work
So I couldn't even hide away lol I had to face the public with this
Luckily people didn't think it was too bad and I thank dim cinema lights for this lol

But obviously, this isn't light enough!
My quest continues....