Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Circle lense review ★

This post is a review sponsored by...
mukuCHU ♥ circle lenses store

Lenses ; Pure series in pink
A smaller version of the Max colored series in Pink that I last reveiwed

Lighting is getting more limited now as winter approaches
So if you find my picture quality is being effected please let me know
and I will try more to get better pictures for you all

Here's a close up of the lense
What I noticed about the pink lenses so far is how light they look
When you see then you very much under estimate their impact

I decided to do a "one in, one out" picture all the time now
To help give you a clearer idea of how the dimensions are on the lense
(Also wearing my Dolly Wink half lashes for the first time hehe)

and now a close up
As you can see the pink rim is visible
It adds a nice blended tone to brown eyes and I'm sure would pop on lighter colours

Unofrtunatly due to lighting I couldn't get a picture without flash
However I feel the pictures are pretty true to life, the pink is noticable

I really like this for a more natural look, the bigger version is great for impact
But for those who want to wear lenses everday then these are for you!
The pure series is also available in ; Brown, grey, green blue and violet

I also think its very, very important to announce that
★☆MukuCHU has resumed shipping to the USA☆★
So all you Americans, get ordering!!
Also, don't forget to purchase a pretty case for your lenses
It allows you a coupon to enter into the monthly competition

The competition prizes are;
One pair of GEO lenses (plano or prescription)
One pair of EOS lenses (plano or prescription)
anddd, 2 Pretty lens cases for them!

So it's well worth entering
and who doesn't want pretty cases anyway? (●´ω`●)
There's even a cool frog one for cleaning, DO WANT!

Want a pair?

Please mention you found them through my blog
and if you have any questions feel free to comment and ask
Or e-mail them directly, they are fast at replying and very helpful ♥


Enigma said...

Those lashes are lurvly!

CrystallyzeD 'Gugu' クリ said...

wow your make up skills are improving! i love the blush!

Tori said...

The lenses look really pretty & natural & girl, you should definitely wear lashes more, they suit you so much! ♥ Loving your whole code there with the tee + scarf + everything btw~

Jenny said...

AWE so pretty!! I would love to try these but a friend said they'd look like "watermelons" on my green eyes *fail fail* LOL

Shahana Style said...

This post is all win. I love the lenses, but also your hair (scarf, cut, style, and colour).