Sunday, 22 August 2010

Becoming Chinatsu ★

The long awaited (well, not really) becoming Chintasu post
The first of hopefully many, if not, a few will do hehe

Today I recreated this look...

Here we go!

Key elements were the American flag top, glasses and studed bag
It was something I would have pieced together easily myself!
Though the top is less flattering on me lol, but hey, I have a gaijin body
It can't be helped haha

and since you couldn't see my scarf in the full body here's a bonus shot
Metal clawwww hahaha

I'd also like any opinions on my make up please ♥
I was advised to try be heavier with my eye make up
But I'm finding it hard to do so and keep a Gal balance
Dirty emo roots will be seeping back into me haha
I also need to wear my glasses more *blind*


Tasja said...

You did a good job! & I do think that the top is flattering on you :)

Does Chintatsu have a blog?

lucieliu said...

Ahhh this is such an awesome post!

You carry off the outfit so well! It's inspired me to do something similar once I start getting paid ^^

Hot stuff missy, Chinatsu would be proud xP

Mitsu said...

Eeee this makes me happy!! I can't wait for my British flag to be worn showin' some country exchange lurve ♥

Even your bag looks the same, wow I'm impressed by your attention to detail, awesome! I agree with lucieliu, Chinatsu would be proud ♥

Enigma said...

Make up looks good on you, if you are wearing your glasses you can go heavier on the make up as its hidden behind them. Not sure how that would fit in with the gal thing though? x

Tori said...

I think you look amazing!! ♥ Awesome awesome recreation of this code! I'm loving the foxtail hanging from your bag too ;D
Your make looks fantastic too~ I really like the heavier eye on you, & I think you balanced it out nicely with the lighter cheek & lip. Gorgeous ♥

Miruku said...

It all looks great, spot on! The eyes look good and you really got the nude-lip look. I find it hard to avoid going too pink on the lip but you did it soooo well! You should email this pic to her, haha!

OSG said...

Loving it Sami! I agree with heavier eye make up, maybe you could put a white line in the corner so it will look more gal instead of emo? ♥

Clairey xxx

Amelie said...

Crap Sami you look so gooodd!! You really work the outfit XD!!

Samispoon said...

@Tasja; Thanks so much :D
and yes she does! here you go ; :)

@Lucie; Hehe thanks XD XD
I hope you can spend all your monies in WC soon haha

@Mitsu; Heehee :D I hope this means you're getting one fo' sho ;D
It's very close, makes me love it even more!
I hope she would be hah

@Misha; Thanks a lot!
I might wean the heavier make in with my glasses then
I keep being told by my friends Im wearing too much lol pffft XD

@Tori; Thank youuu :D
I should wear lipstick more, but Im not sure bf would appreciate it haha
I told him off for kissing me when I was wearing my MAC last week XD XD

@Miruku; Thank you! :D
The lipstick is from Barry M
I need to find out how to send it to her haha I wonder what she would make of it lol

@Clairey; Ooo usually I do but today I didnt for some reason XD' hah
Welcome back to blogger too!

Samispoon said...

@Amelie; Thank you miss! :D

LadySophistifunk ☠ said...

Too cute! You got the outfit/makeup down pretty good!

さらまり said...

You look so cute, this style really suits you I think! You perfectly recreated the look, now you just need a cactus with a smiley face on it behind you and the illusion will be complete hehe!

Samispoon said...

@LadySophistifunk ; Thanks so much!!

@SaraMari; my bf loves the man in the back haha
Ill work on the cactus XD