Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Nails, not all good news ↓ ↓

Today I'd like to quickly talk about a "dark side" to nails
I'm one of those people where if I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all!
So when I got my nails done with fellow blogger and good irl friend Bloomzy last month
I was destined for misfortune haha

Here is what I had done...

It was based off a GILFY staff-chan design I had seen on Mitsu's Universal doll
It was... £25 to have them done, all was well and I was excited to have my first set of falsies
The only problem I though I was going to have was the stars falling off
but that was nothing I couldn't fix

Then whilst out in a club, my friend knocked into my hand and it hurt, a little too much!
I could feel my nail lifting and persumed it was just the acrylic so off to the toilet to inspect
There I saw it was infact MY nail was lifting!!! Omgomgomg, I didn't want to risk it being knocked, especially since the whole finger became sensitive and the nail began to bleed!
I wrapped it up when I got in and once the pain calmed down
I trimmed the acrlying down so it didn't catch

However, it still hasn't healed
I've literally just had my nails taken off and here is how the injured nail looks...

(I hope no one finds it too gruesome, I'm sure it could be worst)
All the paler section of the nail is the area which is lifted from my nail bed
and as you can see it's been cut extremely short!

I know it's not the most interesting or happy of tales however I did feel it was worth mentioning because unfortunatly these things do happen
Don't let it put you off having your nails done at all
I know I will have mine done again once my nail has healed and I'm on a healthier budget
Just make sure when you're having your acrylics put on that the length is managable and practical!

For now I will hide my damage with on of my MANY paints by Barry M

...hmmm which colour should I choose? I have too many hehe

As a Barry M addict, I may review the polishes but in the mean time you can read more from Lanna


Mitsu said...

In my secret of secrets, that has happened to me before. Same exact thing. I was at a club and smacked my nail off whilst dancing. Luckily I was tipsy so the pain wasn't too immense. At my next nail appt I was like uhhh yeah we're not talking about that nail. <_< >_>

Mitsu said...

I totally forgot to tell you how much I love your nails!!! I feel this Spring has had such a rock lacking to it, and your nails alone just brighten my rock love heart <3

samispo0n said...

It's soo not nice D:
but being able to see it clearly now I can see it's starting to grow better so I hope it's ok at least before I go on holiday :O

Thanks so much, I've a few images saved from your GILFY nail entry I'm going to try myself :D
Thanks for the inspiration :D :D

Tori said...

Looks painfulll ;x
I hope it heals soon though so you can get your nails done again! It's actually things like this that have kept me from getting my nails done professionally like that, but you're right~ they do happen.
I say go for a bright cheery pink :D

さらまり said...

That set of nails was so pretty, I really like silver and black together, so classy and cute!

But oh, I'm so sorry to hear that your fingernail and finger got hurt so badly like that, it looks beyond painful TT I hope it will heal as soon as possible!

bloomzy said...

Damn, well now I have to come all the way to Bradford to use your nail polish haha.
Oh I bought the purple you and Rhi recommended and the ice cream yellow :D

Glad you got the nail taken off. Maybe I should link back to this and mention my bad experience with the woman who took mine off D:

Alanna said...

Owww that sounds painful,I hate nail injuries,always painful:(hope it gets better soon:)
:O I thought I had a lot of barry-m's you've got an impressive collection:)thanks for mentioning me
Think this is my 1st comment on your blog,congrats on the new blog.:D I'm liking the rulebreaking gal stuff!