Monday, 17 May 2010

Let those rules bend...

In accordance to my last post where I focused on rule bending in Gal fashion
I thought I may keep this as a running theme and whenever a Gal I follow on Ameblo bends a rule share it with you for inspiration!

If you want to share your rule bending, feel free!
Whether it's a comment or a blog entry of your own, express yourself ★
The queen of rule breaking Nonoka is at it again in her latest blog
Though it shows a lot of images of a snake eating, just to warn you!
I guess the pet snake itself is in some ways a rule breaker, I have one too hehehe

Showcasing her new nails which are short
This is uncommon for Gal's who often have long tips on their nails

and then there's Kanako, who has been shooting for CocoLulu and...

sporting some rather large spikes!

So that's all I've spotted lately, I will keep you posted
and post about other things too hehe ♥


Tori said...

Keep the rule-bending coming! :)

bloomzy said...

I am freaked out by Nonoka's snake and Kanako's bracelet haha XD

I like to see variety, keep it comin' Gals :D

samispo0n said...

@Tori - I sure will :D

@bloomzy - Haha XD I will never introduce you to Fluffy then :P

bloomzy said...

I'm not too bothered by corn snakes, as my ex had one and I used to play with it. It's just when they eat that it freaks me out...especially as my ex would ask me to put the mouse in the microwave for a little to warm him up. NO!!!!!! haha

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

I agree. Rules are made to be broken ^^