Thursday, 9 October 2014


Why hello there, long time no blog huh?
Well I got some new Ugg boots today and I thought I should share them ♥

"Uggs, really?"
Yah really! 

I have a life long feud with shoes, literally everything rubs and hurts me
Except for Uggs! Ohhh wonderous comfortable Uggs
I felt like I "needed" another pair, especially for my upcoming Japan trip 
and I just fell in love with the chain details on these so I snapped them up asap!

These are actually my 3rd pair, I have some regular Mini's in Chestnut Brown
and in London last year I got a pair of Mini Bailey Buttons in Black ♪
I always prefer the Mini style as I have short legs and they tend to flatter me a little better~

Now if only I had an iPhone 6 and liked Pumpkin Spice Lattes
then I could be the ultimate white girl!  (^_-)☆wink

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


It's more than fair to say that I have been swept up in the recent Sailor Moon fever!
It's not a show I watched when I was younger, I don't know if it even aired in the UK?
So I can't say this has happened for nostalgia reasons, more... ridiculously beautiful merchandise haha

It's been so hard to resist all of the amazing goods that have been released for the shows anniversary
and here is a rundown of just a few of the goodies I have recently purchased...

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Wow, so on Sunday I turned 25 and it still feels really weird
It was quite a low-key birthday for me too, last year I went to London and the year before Barcelona
But this year I just chilled out, I didn't want to spend a lot of money which could go towards Japan!

Here are the presents I got from my family!
New perfumes, Bloody Mary Metal goods and a lovely crisp ¥10,000 note for my holiday ♥
You will be able to see what BMM item I got in my upcoming collection post, stay tuned

 I also had to share this amazing collar clip set from the amazing Betty Turbo
As far as I know this is the only one? I feel so special and boy that girl just lives in my head!!
She really gets me and my weird fashion/art loves hehe, I will wear these with pride

Oh hey, it's me! ゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。━━ォ!!
I don't post a lot of "selfies" these days (god I hate that word) so here you go
My hair is actually rather pink but is starting to fade, luckily it still stays a nice colour heh