Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Just a reminder that this blog is no longer active
Please follow me on my new blog!


Sunday, 22 November 2015


Ok, so I know I've taken huge breaks from here and said goodbye before
But this time it's for real! Haha

I've been wanting to be more active with my blogging again recently
and as I look through this blog, I don't feel a connection to a lot of it's content
When I started it, gosh, 5 years ago
I was a totally different person to who I am now
Not just in my changed interests, but through illness and so much more

Continuing to post here just didn't feel right anymore
I'd look at my follower count and think too much about what they wanted to see
"Where they here for fashion and make up? They won't like to see my figures or games"
It all just seemed like one big unnecessary storm in my head and I decide
Ok... let's start fresh!

A new blog for the "new" me, where I can shake off the past and move forward!
I hope you will join me over on SAMI SPOON

I decided to try WordPress again as I wanted to keep the Sami Spoon name
and I felt like having an almost identically named Blogspot would just be too confusing hah

Thank you everyone for joining me on this journey
I hope you're ready to start a new one

This blog has since been edited due to a change or URL for my new blog
Please join me over at ~ http://sami-spoon.blogspot.co.uk

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Super Mario 30th Anniversary

Even if you're not a "big gamer" chances are you know who Mario is
and you may happen to know that this year is his 30th Birthday!
There have been some obvious celebrations for the big event such as a new game
called Super Mario Maker which allows you to make your own Mario levels

But there has also been a lesser known celebration via the world of fashion
10 fashion designers were chosen and given the task of re-inventing Marios staple overalls

With such artistic freedom, there was a great variation of interpretation...